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Briefly: “Power Rangers Samurai” Premiere Date, More “Rugrats” and Premiere Info for January

Author: Nickandmore!

Multiple news alerts…

  • New Power Rangers Samurai promos are running on Nicktoons saying the series premieres Monday, February 7 at 8pm ET/PT on Nickelodeon.  UPDATE 1/4:  Nicktoons has since reverted back to showing the “Coming in early 2011” promo. Nickelodeon (nor ever showed the promo with the premiere date.  UPDATE 1/6:  The show page now confirms the February 7 premiere date.
  • The first Supah Ninjas promo ran during the series premiere of House of Anubis Saturday night.  The series will get a preview episode showing on Monday, January 17 at 9pm ET/PT.
  • Rugrats’ return to Nickelodeon this past week must have done well in the ratings, as Nickelodeon has made a schedule change to keep it airing weekdays at 8:30am ET/PT starting Monday. (via TV Schedule)
  • Nickelodeon/Nicktoons, Cartoon Network and Disney Channel/Disney XD (live-action & animated) premiere information for January 2011 has been posted at the toonzone forums.