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Disney Channel’s September 2010 Premieres

Author: Nickandmore!

Disney Channel has released their September 2010 premiere information. Below is a day-by-day list of premieres:

Friday, September 3
8:00PM Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam
9:50PM Fish Hooks #101A “Bea Stays in the Picture”

Tuesday, September 7
7:00PM Mickey Mouse Clubhouse #338 “Road Rally”
7:50PM Timmy Time #109A “Go Kart Timmy”

Friday, September 10
8:00PM The Suite Life on Deck #309 “Party On!”
8:30PM Wizards of Waverly Place #324 “Moving On”
9:00PM Pair of Kings #199 “Return of the Kings”

Sunday, September 12
8:00PM Hannah Montana Forever #406 “Love That Lets Go”
8:30PM Good Luck Charlie #115 “Duncans Got Talent”
9:00PM JONAS L.A. #211 “Boat Trip”

Monday, September 13
7:00AM Timmy Time #120 “Timmy’s Plane / Tidy Timmy”
11:30AM Chuggington #125 “Frostini’s Fruit Fandango / Poor Old Puffer Pete”
1:00PM Imagination Movers #218 “Nina Gets The Giggles”

Tuesday, September 14
7:00AM Timmy Time #102 “Timmy Wants to Win / Timmy Plays Ball”

Wednesday, September 15
7:00AM Timmy Time #113 “Sticky Timmy / Timmy Makes a Mask”
9:30AM Handy Manny #315 “Story Hour / Long John Lopart”

Thursday, September 16
7:00AM Timmy Time #112 “Timmy’s Puppet / Timmy the Builder”

Friday, September 17
7:00AM Timmy Time #104 “Timmy the Artist / Timmy’s Picnic”
8:00PM WALL-E (Basic Cable Premiere)

Sunday, September 19
8:30PM Good Luck Charlie #116 “Kwikki Chick”
9:00PM Sonny With A Chance #210 “Chad Without A Chance”

Monday, September 20
7:00AM Timmy Time #111 “Timmy the Train / Timmy Brings a Smile”
10:00AM Special Agent Oso #201 “Quantum of Sandwich / Thunder Muffin”

Tuesday, September 21
7:00AM Timmy Time #107 “Timmy Can’t Dance / Timmy Afloat”

Wednesday, September 22
7:00AM Timmy Time #106 “Timmy Wants the Beret / Timmy Tries to Hide”

Thursday, September 23
7:00AM Timmy Time #118 “Timmy Rings the Bell / Timmy’s Tractor”

Friday, September 24
7:00AM Timmy Time #103 “Snapshot Timmy / Timmy Says Sorry”
1:00PM Imagination Movers #222 “Give Me Strength”
8:00PM The Suite Life on Deck #311 “Love and War”
8:30PM Phineas and Ferb #226 “Wizard of Odd”
9:00PM Fish Hooks #102A “Fish Sleepover Party”
9:15PM Fish Hooks #101B “Fish Out of Water”

Sunday, September 26
8:30PM Sonny With A Chance #211 “My Two Chads”
9:00PM JONAS L.A. #212 “On the Radio”

Monday, September 27
7:00AM Timmy Time #105 “Timmy Wants the Blues / Timmy Steals the Show”

Tuesday, September 28
7:15AM Timmy Time #109B “Timmy Gets the Job Done”

Wednesday, September 29
7:00AM Timmy Time #101 “Timmy’s Hiccup Cure / Timmy’s Jigsaw”