“iPsycho” Scores 7.52 Million Viewers, List of Top 10 “iCarly” Episodes by Total Viewers

Author: Nickandmore!

Dan Schneider (creator and executive producer of iCarly and VICTORiOUS, among others) reports on his website, the new iCarly special “iPsycho” scored 7.52 million total viewers on Friday.  The new episode of VICTORiOUS that followed scored about 6 million total viewers (a series high).

Dan notes that “iPsycho nearly QUADRUPLED the ratings of Nickelodeon’s direct competition.”

As for VICTORiOUS, he says the episode “more than doubled the ratings of [Wizards of Waverly Place] with both kids and teens,” which was also new on Disney Channel.

These are fantastic ratings for both shows, however this isn’t the most watched iCarly episode – it ranks #6.  Here’s a list of the top 10 most watched iCarly episodes (by total viewers):

  1. iSaved Your Life (1/18/2010) – 11.164 million viewers
  2. iQuit iCarly (12/5/2009) – 8.848 million viewers
  3. iFight Shelby Marx (8/8/2009) – 7.866 million viewers
  4. iGo to Japan (11/8/2008) – 7.599 million viewers
  5. iThink They Kissed (9/12/2009) – 7.564 million viewers
  6. iPsycho (6/4/2010) – 7.52 million viewers
  7. iDate A Bad Boy (5/9/2009) – 6.472 million viewers
  8. iLook Alike (3/7/2009) – 6.299 million viewers
  9. iKiss (1/3/2009) – 5.943 million viewers
  10. iMove Out (11/28/2009) – 5.669 million viewers

[Please note: Big Time Rush’s ratings from Friday are unknown so far, since it’s not one of DanWarp’s shows.]