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Two New Disney XD Pilots Announced: “Billion Dollar Freshman” and “Kickin It”

Author: Nickandmore!

From Cynopsis Kids 5/11/2010:

Disney XD confirms it is moving forward on producing two new live action pilots Billion Dollar Freshman, from writer/creator/executive producers Chris Peterson, and Bryan Moore and executive producer Mark Brazill (all three from That 70s Show), and Kickin’ It, from writer/creator/executive producer Jim O’Doherty (3rds Rock From the Sun) and Executive Producer (Zeke and Luther, Even Stevens).

  • Billion Dollar Freshman – the story revolves around brothers Ben (13) and Adam (15) who apparel to be average high school kids, but that is because they are working hard to blend in and hide their actual identity as ‘bionic super soldiers’ on the lam from the government. The human brothers were cloned in a government lab, and a la the Six Million Dollar Man, were given select bionic abilities, like  super-speed, super-strength, night vision, and ability to download information, however they are works in progress so everything doesn’t always work just as it is supposed to.  The brothers must work together to survive, which is sometimes complicated by the fact that Ben is the newer 2.0 version  a bit faster and smarter than his older brother Adam.  The pilot is directed by Mark Cendrowski (Big Bang Theory).
  • Kickin It – Set at the High Kicks Martial Academy, at a second-rate strip mall dojo that used to be a ladies under garment store, where there are few students and the Grandmaster (owner) is four months late on rent.  Things change when the Grandmaster finds Jack, an arrogant neighborhood kid that is quite the skateboarder.  The goal is to use Jack, who unwillingly joins the dojo, and the oddball kids at High Kicks to build a group that can go up against and beat the rival dojo, The Golden Dragon.  Eric Seaton (That’s So Raven) is directing.