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Disney XD Picks-Up Ultimate Spider-Man, Nicktoons Gets Zevo-3

Author: Nickandmore!

Cynopsis Kids 4/13/2010 reports:

  • Marvel Animation gives the go-ahead on a brand new animated Spider-man action series, entitled Ultimate Spider-Man, which will premiere on Disney XD in fall 2011.  The new Ultimate Spider-Man series follows the teenage Peter Parker as he comes to terms with his powers and origins and deal with various relationships. The series also features teen Spidey teaming up with other Marvel Super Heroes as well as new characters.
  • California-based Skechers Entertainment set to launch its first kid-targeted animated action/adventure/comedy series, Zevo-3 (26×22), with a pre-sale to Nicktoons Network (US), which will debut the series in fall 2010.  A 2D animated series featuring 3D CGI effects, Zev0-3 ( revolves around the adventures of three average teens (and their typical teen angst) that wind up with super powers following a freak accident where they are exposed to a mysterious compound that alters their DNA.  Zev0-3 is a Skechers Entertainment production in association with Moonscoop, with Moonscoop handling worldwide distribution.

UPDATE: Moonscoop has a trailer of Zevo-3 up on their website.

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