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Power Rangers Comes to an End; Original Series Returns January 2

Author: Nickandmore!

Today marks the end of an era (I know, overused phrase): Power Rangers comes to an end in America.  The final two new episodes, from Power Rangers RPM, will premiere today at 12 p.m. ET on ABC (check local listings).

At this point, Disney has no future plans to create any more new Power Rangers TV series.  However, they are bringing back the old Rangers… from the beginning!

Starting Saturday, January 2, 2010, ABC will begin airing Power Rangers from episode #1!  That’s right – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!  The original series will be getting an upgrade in the form of remastered episodes (and an updated logo).  So far, the schedule has episodes airing in order (no skips, so far).  Some of these episodes haven’t aired on American television in over 10 years!  So remember to set your DVRs/VCRs starting January 2 – you don’t want to miss it!

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