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Kids’ WB Announces Batgirl Joining “The Batman” This Fall

Author: Nickandmore!

[via press release]

Kids’ WB! And Warner Bros. Animation Introduce A Classic Character From Batman Mythology – Batgirl – To Join Breakout-Hit Animated Series “The Batman” In Fall 2005

(April 5, 2005 – Burbank, CA) — Kids’ WB!, the #1 broadcast network for kids, and award-winning Warner Bros. Animation bring on “The Batman” for an exciting second season with 26 brand new adventures. Beginning this Fall on Kids’ WB!’s Saturday morning lineup, the new season will introduce the classic character from the Batman mythology, Batgirl. The new season debuts with the introduction of the Caped Crusader’s new, unwanted partner-in-crime – Batgirl. Along with her alter ego comes her opposing villain, as the season also uncovers Batgirl’s first adversary – Poison Ivy.

Batgirl – known as Barbara Gordon – the teenage daughter of Gotham’s Commissioner Gordon, is a strong-willed, stubborn teen with an ironic wit. Inspired by her first contact with The Batman, she dons the cape and cowl to become Batgirl. Her new friend, Pamela Isley, is charming, clever and a quick-tempered schemer, known to go to extreme measures to get her environmental messages heard. After a tragic accident transforms her into the evil half-human/half-plant that she names Poison Ivy, she is able to control anyone who gets a whiff of her plant pheromone ‘spores.’

This Fall 2005, “The Batman” continues to explore Batman’s story in year three: in his mid-twenties, still finding his way as protector, defender and Caped Crusader, while balancing his public persona as billionaire bachelor Bruce Wayne. Living in Gotham, this younger Batman continues to meet and face-off with familiar foes of his classic Rogue’s Gallery. From the likes of Joker, Penguin, Catwoman, Mr. Freeze, Riddler and Man-Bat, among others, the war on crime has escalated to the next level with a new arsenal at the Dark Knight’s disposal, all operated and linked by an advanced remote-controlled invention he dubs the “Bat-Wave.” In this captivating second season, “The Batman” will face a little competition – from Batgirl – to protect the citizens of Gotham. She has just swung into town to do her part in keeping the streets safe from the most dangerous super villains out there. Is there enough room in Gotham for two Caped Crusaders?

“The Batman” currently airs at 10:30 a.m. ET/9:30 a.m. PT on Saturday mornings and will go to strip, airing six days a week Monday-Saturday, in Fall 2005 on Kids’ WB! The action-adventure series is produced by Warner Bros. Animation for Kids’ WB! and Cartoon Network.