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Kids’ WB Unveils 2005-2006 Schedule

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Kids’ WB! Unveils 2005-2006 Schedule

(February 16, 2005 – New York, NY and Burbank, CA) — Kids’ WB!, the #1 broadcaster in the kids’ business, today unveiled its new Fall schedule for the 2005-2006 television season. This diverse new slate will offer broader audience appeal with dual-gender programs, while continuing to build on Kids’ WB!’s first 10 years of success.

The network will introduce an all-original series inspired by the hugely successful franchise property of the classic animated characters who are reimagined as futuristic heroes in Warner Bros. Animation’s “Loonatics” (Working Title), along with two new series, “Johnny Test” and “Coconut Fred’s Fruit Salad Island,” to join returning powerhouse hits on Kids’ WB!’s new Fall lineup. The schedule was announced today by David Janollari, President, Entertainment, The WB and Kids’ WB!, and Betsy McGowen, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Kids’ WB!, speaking to advertisers and media during the Kids’ WB! upfront sales presentation in New York.

“In a very short time, Kids’ WB! has become the most dominant broadcaster in the kids’ landscape, not just in Saturday morning ‘primetime,’ but also as the only dedicated broadcaster Mondays through Fridays,” said Mr. Janollari. “Creating a unique destination powered by a distinct, branded environment that kids embrace in a huge way, our goal is to make the Kids’ WB! viewers of today our primetime program viewers of tomorrow.”

“I am thrilled to introduce the Kids’ WB! of the next decade as we move into the future and build on our broadcast dominance,” said Ms. McGowen. “With cornerstone hits and more programs appealing to both boys and girls, including a re-imagining of the world’s beloved antic band of animated entertainers in Warner Bros. Animation’s “Loonatics,” we are poised to broaden our audience this fall.”

Unveiling a new Kids’ WB! with a diverse, innovative Fall schedule, the network takes it to the next level with more action-comedy and fantastical-adventures helmed by three new animated series and four returning hits. The 2005-2006 slate welcomes “Loonatics,” a new franchise property in an all-new take on Warner Bros.’ legendary Looney Tunes. Produced by Warner Bros. Animation, fast-forwarding seven-hundred years into the future, “Loonatics” will feature six descendants of some of the most beloved animated characters in history – Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, the Road Runner, Lola Bunny, Tasmanian Devil and Wile E. Coyote. Endowed with individual super-powers and unique abilities – and an incomparable, irreverent sense of humor inherited from their forefathers – these new Looney characters band together to create a formidable team and face-off against the evils of Acmetropolis.

Additional new Saturday morning programs include two series from Warner Bros. Animation: the always-eager experimental team of Johnny and his genetically enhanced dog, Poochie, in the action-comedy extravaganza “Johnny Test”; as well as the silliest spot in the Seven Seas, “Coconut Fred’s Fruit Salad Island,” where the energetic, eternally optimistic Coconut Fred and his fresh crop of cohorts share their tropical paradise.

Kids’ WB! also is proud to announce the new season pick-ups of four Saturday morning favorites: “Yu-Gi-Oh!” with season five and all-new dueling adventures; the next evolution of the top-rated Pokémon franchise with season eight and 52 original episodes; the culturally diverse, Emmy-nominated “Xiaolin Showdown” returns with our young monk warriors having enhanced “Wudai powers” as they take on a new evil like no other in the 13 action-packed episodes of the third season; and the Caped Crusader uncovers new villains and unmasks a new partner-in-crime – Batgirl – as Kids’ WB! brings on “The Batman” for a second season with 26 brand new adventures.

Building on its powerhouse weekday lineup, Kids’ WB!’s Monday-Friday slate welcomes the breakout hits “Xiaolin Showdown” and “The Batman” – as both series will join “Pokémon” and “Yu-Gi-Oh!” to air six days a week beginning in Fall 2005. Performing strongly on Saturday mornings, “The Batman” ranks among the top five broadcast shows in all key demos and “Xiaolin Showdown” also proves to be a hit, taking the top three broadcast spot, only behind “Pokémon” and “Yu-Gi-Oh!” Kids’ WB!’s new weekday lineup will bring more exhilarating quests, surprising new villains and unpredictable adventures.

Since Fall 2000, Kids’ WB! has upheld its dominant post as the #1 broadcast network for kids in all key demographics and is in the midst of capturing its 14th consecutive sweep win this month as the #1 Saturday morning broadcast network. Season-to-date for the 2004-2005 season, Kids’ WB! continues to be the broadcast leader – in each of the eight half-hours the network programs on Saturday mornings – and in all the key demographics of Kids 2-11, Kids 6-11, Boys 2-11, Boys 6-11 and Tweens 9-14, while also dominating all competition, including cable, in Male Tweens 9-14. Among the broadcast competition, “Yu-Gi-Oh!” “Waking The Dragons,” “Pokémon Advanced Challenge,” “Xiaolin Showdown” and “The Batman” lead the network in the top 10 program spots in Kids 6-11, Boys 2-11 and Boys 6-11, the top six spots with eight of the top 10 in Kids 2-11, nine of the top 10 programs in Tweens 9-14 and takes the top five program spots over all competition with seven of the top 10 in Male Tweens 9-14.