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Kids’ WB Has Mega May Line-Up

Author: Nickandmore!

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It’s Mega-May On Kids’ WB!

(April 29, 2003 – Burbank, CA) – It’s huge … it’s larger-than-life … it’s MEGA-MAY on Kids’ WB! the entire month as the network goes BIG with thrilling Saturday morning and weekday events, massive giveaways and a brand-new spectacular summer Saturday morning line-up beginning May 17.

IT’S A HERO-STUFFED SATURDAY MORNING ON MAY 3: as Kids’ WB! offers viewers a special sneak-peek of the all-new high-adventure series “Teen Titans” coming to Kids’ WB!’s 2003-04 season, offered in conjunction with Cartoon Network. “Teen Titans,” produced by Warner Bros. Animation, features Robin The Boy Wonder and fellow teens Cyborg, Beast Boy, Starfire and Raven – five superheroes, each with special powers, who unite to form a defensive force to protect the Earth from a new generation of villains. Discovering how to control their powers, these Teen Titans must learn to work and grow as a team despite their “stylistic” differences.

It’s twice the action…twice the comedy…four times the adventure in a captivating original episode of “Jackie Chan Adventures” (9:00 a.m. ET). In the double-trouble episode, “Attack of the J-Clones,” the J-Team finds themselves confronted by…another J-Team – mysterious and equally powerful CLONES! Uncle performs a mystical spell to determine who is a clone and who is not…but will Jackie and the team be able to stop the clones from taking over the world? Kids’ WB! also gets a jolt when the legendary Superman comes face-to-face with Static on the high-adventure “Static Shock” (10:30 a.m. ET). In the stunning episode, “Toys in the Hood,” Superman visits Dakota and teams up with Static to defeat the Man of Steel’s old nemesis — Toy Man — who is set on taking control of Dakota. In addition, an encore presentation of the “Static Shock” episode “Hard As Nails” will air (9:30 a.m ET) as Static joins forces with famed caped crusader Batman.

Also beginning Saturday, May 3, a special “Yu-Gi-Oh!” “Tag Team Takedown” duelin’ 4-part event will air in sequence each Saturday morning at 11:00 a.m. ET throughout the month. In this enchanting saga entitled “Double Duel,” abductions abound when Marik kidnaps both Joey and Tea! Meanwhile, Mokuba is nabbed by the Rare Hunters, forcing Yugi and Kaiba to take on tag-team duelists Umbra and Lumis on top of a skyscraper….sending the losers plummeting into the Shadow Realm! Can Yugi and Kaiba put their differences aside and become a team before it’s too late? Find out in the shocking part 4 conclusion, Saturday, May 24. Kids also won’t want to miss “Yu-Gi-Oh!’s Duelin’ Tips and Tricks Training Camp” throughout the morning (8:00 a.m – 12:00 p.m. ET) of Saturday, May 10, when Yugi and friends become camp counselors to give Kids’ WB!’s characters a crash course on how to walk the walk… talk the talk…and dress for success!

A MEGA-STUFFED SATURDAY MORNING ON MAY 17: logs onto the all-new Saturday summer schedule as Kids’ WB! launches the hottest Japanese animé hit “MegaMan: NT Warrior” (9:30 a.m. ET). The futuristic-adventure, produced by ShoPro Entertainment, follows the discoveries and exploits of fifth-grader Lan, whose NetNavi – and alter ego – is a blue-suited, virus-fighting, virtual superhero named MegaMan. Set in the distant future, where virtually all technology is linked to a central computer system, citizens interface with this network using their personal “NetNavis” (Net Navigators) via their portable terminals (PETs). Threatened by hackers and high-tech computers, the responsibility to save the computer-generated world and protect their town falls upon tech-savvy Lan and his NetNavi, Mega Man with his advanced power upgrades – as these net-warriors unite to expose the darkness within their digital universe. Plug in…log on…and power up…for an energizing cyber-adventure.

THE MEGA-STUFFED GIVEAWAYS FOR MEGA-MAY: begin Saturday, May 17, with the “Mega-Stuffed Saturday Sweepstakes,” as Kids’ WB! and Capcom join forces to offer kids the chance to win one of 200 “MEGAMAN™” prizes each hour throughout the morning. Prizing will include the Game Boy® Advance video games of Mega Man Battle Network 1, Mega Man Battle Network 2, Mega Man Battle Network 3: White Version and Mega Man Battle Network 3: Blue Version. A “mega clue” will be revealed each hour encouraging kids to enter the sweepstakes by logging onto or by sending in a postcard.

The Kids’ WB! “Gotta Get ‘Em All Giveaway” kicks off Monday, May 19 when Pokémon arrives at Wendy’s restaurant locations nationwide. To celebrate the five week event, Kids’ WB! and Wendy’s are teaming up to give one grand prize winner a $1,000 shopping spree at the Pokémon Center NY in Rockefeller Center in New York City. In addition, the sweepstakes will reward hundreds of first-place winners Pokémon Trainer Paks, which include a Wendy’s®/Pokémon® toy and collector card set, a Nintendo® Pokémon Ruby or Pokémon Sapphire game pak and a Game Boy® Advance Game Link® cable. To be eligible to win, kids must watch “Pokémon” on Kids’ WB! Monday-Friday afternoons for their daily clue. Once they know the clue, they can enter by logging onto, by sending in a postcard with the secret answer or at all Wendy’s locations nationwide by Saturday, June 28. Partners for this promotion include Kids’ WB!, Wendy’s, Pokémon USA and Nintendo. During the week of May 19, Kids’ WB! will celebrate this massive sweepstakes with a special themed week, highlighting the best “Pokémon” episodes from this season in the 4:00 p.m. ET time period.

To get a jump-start on summer, from Monday, May 26 – Saturday, May 31, Kids’ WB! and Six Flags Theme Parks are teaming up for a colossal promotion. In the “Kids’ WB! Coaster Club Sweepstakes,” thirty-two grand prize winners will ride off with a Family 4-Pak Summer Adventure to the Six Flags Theme Park of their choice. The grand prize also includes hotel accommodations, Six Flags season passes, VIP front-of-the-line access, food vouchers, Bugs Bunny Bucks and a welcome kit with Looney Tunes & Scooby-Doo merchandise. Thousands of tickets to Six Flags will be awarded all week long to first prize winners. Viewers will be invited to look for a different “coaster clue” each day and then enter by logging onto or by sending a postcard.

It’s packing day on Saturday, May 31, as Kids’ WB!’ gears up for the “2nd Annual Way Outta The Way Road Trip.” As kids prepare for their own summer vacations, they will have the chance to see what their favorite Kids’ WB! characters are packing for this adventurous road trip…Yugi and his deck of cards, Shaggy and Scooby loading up the Mystery Machine with tons of snacks, Jackie and the J-Team filling up with talisman magic, and Ash and Pikachu with their pokeballs…so pack your bags and get ready to hit the road with Kids’ WB!