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Kids’ WB Schedules Third Season of “Static Shock”

Author: Nickandmore!

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“Static Shock” And Kids’ WB! Energize Saturday Mornings With All-New Adventures, Costume And Super Hero Sidekick, Beginning January 25

(January 8, 2003 – Burbank, CA) — The #1 network for children, Kids’ WB! re-electrifies Saturday mornings with the third season debut of the high-voltage adventure “Static Shock,” premiering Saturday, January 25 (10:30 a.m. ET/9:30 a.m. PT). The super-charged season of “Static Shock” features Static in a hip new costume as he confronts the villains of Dakota and patrols the city with his friend and now super hero partner, Richie – who reveals his newly acquired identity in the episode “Gear” on February 1.

Hip-hop musician Lil’ Romeo heats up the airwaves by performing the new series main title song. Co-written with his father Master P, Lil’ Romeo raps Static’s theme song, adding energy and excitement to the third season. In addition, this super rapper will guest-star as himself in an episode of “Static Shock” later this season, entitled “Lil’ Romeo.” Also slated to appear this season include legendary heroes The Justice League and Superman, along with new meta-human villains Brainiac and She-Bang.

The thrilling new season debuts with the heroic episode entitled “Hard as Nails.” Allie Langford (a.k.a. Nails), a teenager at Virgil’s school, goes to Gotham City in search of the veteran villains Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy to eliminate her recent problem — she is starting to turn into metal. Teaming up again with the famed caped crusader Batman, Static must expose Harley and Poison Ivy’s nefarious plans so that Allie may get the real guidance she needs.

Based on the Milestone/DC Comics property, “Static Shock” follows the exploits of the first African-American teenage super hero, quick-witted Virgil Hawkins, who has electromagnetic superpowers. After being exposed to a mutagenetic gas, Virgil became “Static,” an urban hero of his own creation. This high-adventure series from Warner Bros. Animation continues to break new ground in children’s television as “Static Shock” confronts real problems and issues faced by today’s kids, including peer pressure, prejudice, gun violence and growing up in an ethnically-diverse urban neighborhood. With his best friend Richie — a.k.a. Gear, this new justice-enforcing duo will need all of their meta-skills as they tackle some of their most challenging opponents yet. Unfortunately, being the city’s most famous hero does have its drawbacks…Virgil must deal with a pesky older sister and keep his father from discovering his super secret — all while trying to master and refine his electromagnetic energies and powers.