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Kids’ WB Announces October Programming Events

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Kids’ WB! Falls Into October With Cool Contests, Heart-Pounding Adventures And Ha-Ha-Halloween Horrors

(October 7, 2002 – Burbank, CA) — Kids’ WB! falls into October with stupendous sweepstakes each week, heart-pounding adventures and Ha-Ha-Halloween horror line-ups. The cool contests for the month include the “Top of the Tower Win-A-Rama Sweepstakes” from October 7-11, “Rarest of the Rare Pokémon Sweepstakes” October 14-18, and the “Halloween Duel of Screams” on Saturday, October 26. To coincide with the on-air and online promotions, Kids’ WB! will feature a special two-week Monday-Friday airing of “The Mummy” October 7-18, and rare Pokémon will be revealed during the weekday airing of “Pokémon” October 14-18. In addition, Kids’ WB! gives viewers a terrific treat with special guest-star Danny Bonaduce (“The Other Half,” “Partridge Family”) as Smirch, a villainous acne germ, in the breakout hit “Ozzy & Drix” on Saturday, October 19 (9:30 a.m. ET/8:30 a.m. PT).

Beginning today, Monday, October 7, Kids’ WB! takes viewers on a thrilling two-week trek with the high-adventure series “The Mummy” during the Monday-Friday 3:30 p.m. time period. To celebrate “The Mummy” airing, the “Top of the Tower Win-A-Rama Sweepstakes” will give-away 1000 prizes from October 7–11. The national promotion is sponsored by Kids’ WB! and Universal Studios Home Video. Kids will need to watch “The Mummy” to learn the code word of the day and may enter at by October 12, or by sending in a postcard with the secret word postmarked by October 11. The prize packs awarded during the promotion will include “The Mummy: Quest for the Lost Scrolls” VHS based on the animated television series and the new “The Mummy” Game Boy® Advance interactive game. A trailer for “The Mummy: Quest for the Lost Scrolls” will be available for preview in the Kids’ WB! Screening Room at

Kids’ WB! shows viewers the most difficult to catch Pokémon during an exciting themed programming week and “Rarest of the Rare Pokémon Sweepstakes” October 14-18. The national promotion is sponsored by Kids’ WB!, 4Kids Productions, Inc., Nintendo and Miramax Films. The “Rarest of the Rare Pokémon Sweepstakes” will offer one grand prize winner the opportunity to have their own private “Pokémon 4Ever” feature film screening for 50 friends along with movie prize packs for everyone. In addition, each day one hundred kids will receive a Pokémon Crystal Game Boy® game pak. Kids’ WB! will unveil the “rare Pokémon” during the Monday-Friday 4:00 p.m. airing of “Pokémon,” inviting kids to enter online at or by sending in a postcard with the character’s name by October 19. Kids also can check out the “Pokémon 4Ever” movie trailer, which debuts in theatres October 11, in Kids’ WB!’s Screening Room on the website.

On Saturday, October 26, Kids’ WB! presents the first-ever “Halloween Duel of Screams” line-up of eerie episodes. During the Ha-Ha-Halloween horrors morning (8:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. ET), Kids’ WB! brings viewers to Pegasus’ Castle where favorite Kids’ WB! characters face-off using special scream cards – that feature real kids from across the country – with only one character and one scream card emerging victorious. Local WB affiliates have been recording the hair-raising screams of Kids’ WB! viewers so that their shriek may be featured on the network. Now through Saturday, October 19, viewers are asked to go online to and vote for their Duel of Screams deck, choosing from among 24 spine-tingling kid screamers. The top screechers will appear in the “Halloween Duel of Screamers” contest with one ultimate screamer standing at the end of the morning. The ghoulish line-up includes zombie monsters, a possessed Mystery Machine, a three-headed wrestler and a five-headed dragon.

On Thursday, October 31, Kids’ WB! gives viewers a creep-tastic Halloween line-up with the “Scooby-Doo” (3:00 p.m.) gang solving a mystery in a spooky mansion where a headless ghost and chilling laughter reside, and Jackie and Jade facing a chi vampire in “Jackie Chan Adventures” (3:30 p.m.). “Pokémon” (4:00 p.m.) takes Ash and friends to a creepy tower with a Pokémon ghost, and Yugi must deal with a possessed classmate in “Yu-Gi-Oh!” (4:30 p.m.).