Nick Celebrates Father’s Day With Nicktoons On June 16

Author: Nickandmore!

via Nickelodeon press release:

“Pop” Goes The Programming On Nickelodeon, Sunday, June 16

Four-Hour Father’s Day Nicktoons Marathon Salutes Dad With Holiday Favorites Of SpongeBob Squarepants, Rugrats, Rocket Power, Hey, Arnold! The Fairly Odd Parents, The Wild Thornberrys And More

Santa Monica, Calif. — June 5, 2002 — Pops are tops on Nickelodeon, Sunday, June 16 (12-4 p.m. ET/PT), when a special Nicktoons Father’s Day marathon features holiday themed offerings that touch the heart and tickle the funny bone. Dad gets his due in special episodes of the hit series SpongeBob SquarePants, Rugrats, Rocket Power, Hey, Arnold! The Fairly OddParents, The Wild Thornberrys and Angry Beavers.

Following is a detailed rundown. All shows are ET/PT.

12:00 PM – Rugrats

* “Regarding Stuie” — When Stu is hit on the head by his latest invention, he suffers temporary amnesia and acts like a baby! His infantile antics delight the Rugrats until Tommy begins to miss his daddy.

* “America’s Wackiest Home Movies” — Vying for a TV show prize, dads Stu and Drew videotape their irrepressible tots in action.

12:30 PM – The Fairly OddParents

* “Father Time” — When Timmy’s dad punishes him for breaking a sentimental old grade school trophy, Timmy wishes himself back in time to thwart the award. Returning to the present, he finds the world askew due to his tampering and enlists Cosmo and Wanda’s help to re-visit past and fix what he broke.

* “Super Bike” — For the annual Father-Son bike race, Timmy needs some extra cycling power and wishes for a bike that’s unstoppable, unbreakable and totally modern and cool. But the super bike gets super jealous of Timmy’s friends and other hobbies, and it will not be ignored!

1:00 PM – Rocket Power

* “’D’ Is for Dad” — Otto’s odds of going on a surfing trip are wiped out when he gets a bad grade in school, and his dad, Ray, grounds him. Yet when Ray’s Shore Shack earns a “D” from the health inspector, Otto wonders whether his dad has a double standard.

* “Father’s Day Off ” — Sam’s business-obsessed father, Doug, visits for the first time since the divorce but is too preoccupied to spend enough time with his boy. A special Father’s Day gift finally jolts Doug into leaving the laptop and cell phone behind.

1:30 PM – Angry Beavers

* “Slap Happy”– Beaver fact: Beavers use tail slaps on water to warn others when danger threatens. Dag abuses this natural alarm, causing Norb to call in their dad to set things right.

* “A Little Dad’ll Do You” — When Dag and Norb receive an unexpected visit from their dad, the Beavers’ dam and lives are turned upside down. Together, Dag and Norb try to figure out a way to get dad to reconcile with mom.

2:00 PM – SpongeBob SquarePants

* “Culture Shock” — There’s a talent show at the Krusty Krab, and anxious to impress his dad, SpongeBob offers to perform. Afraid of an onstage disaster, Squidward delegates him to sweeping up. But determination will pay off for SpongeBob when he becomes the Grand Finale.

* Also, when Patrick’s parents visit on Starfish Day, SpongeBob offers to act stupid to make Patrick look smarter, but the plan backfires when the latter forgets SpongeBob is just acting. Finally the pair discover that Patrick’s parents aren’t his real parents after all but identical starfish at the wrong address.

2:30 PM – Hey, Arnold!

* “Quantity Time” – When Miriam decides to visit her mother after learning that Big Bob and Helga both are on vacation, father and daughter must spend some quality time together. They cap off a rocky week by bonding over a bad musical.

* “Roughin’ It” — Grandpa takes Arnold and Gerald out to the woods to camp “the old-fashioned way.” After a grueling day, the kids conclude that nature bites. Meanwhile, Helga and her father get back to nature in high-tech style.

3:00 PM – The Wild Thornberrys

* “Nigel Knows Best” — Hungry for adventure, Eliza conceives a plan to take a llama over the Andean pass, but she is disappointed when her safety-conscious father commandeers the lead, and her frustration builds as each attempt to explore is foiled by Nigel’s watchful eye. At the end of the day, though, Eliza gains new respect for her dad, when his resourcefulness saves her life.

3:30 PM – Rugrats

* “Daddy’s Little Helpers” — When the mommies leave the babies with the daddies in order to attend a women’s empowerment seminar, all hell breaks loose, and the dads get locked inside Stu’s latest invention, a fully-automated, state-of-the-art playpen.

* “Big Babies” — The Rugrats decide to initiate Dil into the world of “big babies” but are hindered by a competition between the dads to see who has the energy to imitate his infant’s every move.

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