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Kids’ WB Announces Early Season Pick-Ups for Fall 2002

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Kids’ WB! Announces Early Season Pick-Ups For Fall 2002

(February 11, 2002 – Burbank, CA) — Kids’ WB! has committed to new season pick-ups for the next installment of “POKÉMON: MASTER QUEST” and the hit series “JACKIE CHAN ADVENTURES,” “X-MEN: EVOLUTION,” “THE MUMMY: SECRETS OF THE MEDJA” and “RESCUE HEROES: GLOBAL RESPONSE TEAM” for the 2002-2003 season. This announcement was made today by Donna Friedman, Executive Vice President, Kids’ WB!

Kids’ WB! is proud to be partnered with the best talent in the kids’ business to produce the highest quality hit shows for kids,” said Ms. Friedman. “I’m thrilled to announce the pick-up of five series which have become the cornerstones of Kids’ WB! #1 line-up.”

The network continues to dominate as a market leader in kids’ television and has maintained its top-rated position this season as the #1 broadcast network in key demographics and #1 overall in Boys 6-11. Season-to-date, “Pokémon: Johto League Champions,” “Jackie Chan Adventures,” “X-Men: Evolution” and “The Mummy” have consistently dominated their Saturday morning time periods, ranking among the top 10 broadcast and cable programs. Leading all competition in the key demographic of Boys 6-11, these programs outperform the broadcast competition among Kids 2-11, Kids 6-11 and Boys 2-11.

In the highly-competitive 4th Quarter of 2001, when most of the kids’ advertising revenue is spent, Kids’ WB! dominated the broadcast competition in every half-hour it programmed with eight time period wins among Kids 6-11, Boys 2-11 and Boys 6-11, and won seven of eight half-hours among Kids 2-11. In addition, the network led the Saturday morning broadcast competition with seven of the top 10 programs in Kids 6-11, Boys 2-11 and Boys 6-11, and took six of the top 10 broadcast program spots in Kids 2-11.

With a highly successful original programming line-up, strategic scheduling and aggressive research, Kids’ WB! has set precedent with its diverse and innovative schedule, featuring the network’s hallmark ingredients: high-adventure, humor and heart; compelling storylines; and kid relatable characters for boys and girls. The series picked up for new seasons for the 2002-2003 schedule include:

• Beginning its fifth season, 52 all-new episodes of “Pokémon: Master Quest” will highlight Kids’ WB!, airing six days a week. From 4Kids Productions, Inc., the next installment of the top-rated franchise follows Ash and the gang as they continue their adventures through different, exotic lands as they strive to be the ultimate trainers – meeting new friends, facing peril and danger along the way…and always, looking to catch more Pokémon.
• Jackie Chan and the smash-hit series “Jackie Chan Adventures” return for a third season of 13 exciting episodes and a new mission as Jackie and his feisty 11-year-old niece, Jade, must locate the immortal animals from the Chinese zodiac that now possess the mystical powers of the magical talismans from first season – before the dark chi wizard upsets the balance of good and evil in the world. The series, from Sony Pictures Family Entertainment, will bring more comedy-action-adventures six days a week.

• “X-Men: Evolution” introduces new characters and explores new relationships as they enter into a third season with 13 all-original episodes. As the teenage mutants use their powers to protect the world from evil, they also try to maintain some normalcy in their lives…discovering first loves, forbidden friendships and a struggle to control the legacy of the X-Men. The series, produced by Marvel Studios in association with Film Roman, delves deep into the rich, intriguing mythology of the X-Men world.

• Based on the blockbuster-hit feature film franchise, the legend continues in “The Mummy: Secrets of the Medjai” as 11-year-old Alex O’Connell, and his parents Rick and Evy, embark on a new quest this season – to return the Mummy to the underworld, while uncovering the truth about their past, facing treacherous new villains and learning Alex’s destiny… Produced by Universal Home Entertainment Productions, the series is set in the 1930s and combines exotic locations with a contemporary attitude in 13 new high-adventure, comedy-filled episodes.

• The all-original animated series “Rescue Heroes: Global Response Team” brings 13 new adrenaline-pumping episodes. Produced by Nelvana, the series follows the ultimate emergency team around the globe to save anyone in life-threatening situations, with many stories drawn from actual headlines. Each half-hour will include two 11-minute character driven rescues with safety tips featured at the end of each mission.

Kids’ WB!, a leader in kids’ television, is the children’s programming service of The WB Network. The network has maintained its position as the #1 broadcast network since Spring of 1999 and continues to set precedent with its powerhouse 2001-2002 programming schedule. Kids can find more on Kids’ WB!’s web site at