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Kids’ WB Series “The Nightmare Room” Gets Special Primetime Debut on The WB

Author: Nickandmore!

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Kids’ WB! Brings Best-Selling Children’s Author R.L. Stine’s Newest Thriller Series “The Nightmare Room” To Primetime On The WB Television Network

(August 15, 2001 – Burbank, CA) – Kids’ WB! is going primetime as its first-ever live-action anthology series “The Nightmare Room” launches with two chilling episodes for a sneak-peek debut on The WB Television Network, airing Friday, August 31 (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET/PT). The announcement was made today by Donna Friedman, Executive Vice President, Kids’ WB! The series is based on the newest book series The Nightmare Room from the highly-acclaimed and wildly popular children’s author R.L. Stine, and will debut on Kids’ WB!’s Saturday morning line-up, September 15 (11:30 a.m. ET/10:30 a.m. PT).

“The primetime screening of ‘The Nightmare Room’ will be the first time I ever had to stay up this late to watch one of my shows,” said R.L. Stine. “It is very exciting for me to know that Kids’ WB! is giving the series such a great push and that it gives me a chance to provide good scary-fun for kids and their parents. I just hope kids will hold their parents’ hands. I don’t want the adults getting too scared!”

Said Ms. Friedman, “We are thrilled that Kids’ WB!‘s first live action series will air, for the first time, during The WB’s Friday night block. Our goal was to create a series that would live up to primetime’s reputation for quality. ‘The Nightmare Room,’ a sort of Twilight Zone for kids, promises to offer both kids and adults psychologically spine-tingling entertainment.”

Kicking off “The Nightmare Room” hour at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT is the episode entitled “Don’t Forget Me,” starring Amanda Bynes (“The Amanda Show”). In this chilling episode, Danielle Warner and her family move into a new house with a dark, mysterious basement. While her parents are out of town, she hypnotizes her younger brother who soon begins to act strangely and forgets who he is. Unbeknownst to Danielle, her family lives in the “Forget Me” house, where children fall into cracks in the basement floor – long forgotten by their families. It is up to Danielle to save her brother and herself before her parents forget they exist!

The terrifying episode, “Scareful What You Wish For” at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT, stars Shia LaBeouf (“Even Stevens”) and Dylan and Cole Sprouse (“Big Daddy”). A teenager named Dylan decides it is time to pack up all of his childhood toys…but one toy escapes. Dylan’s favorite childhood doll, Buddy comes to life to taunt and torment Dylan and his friends. Will Dylan convince everyone that the creepy boy stalking
them is his toy…before it’s too late?

“The Nightmare Room” pairs Kids’ WB!, the #1 broadcast children’s network, and R.L. Stine, who is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the author of the best selling children’s book series of all time Goosebumps — which also was the highest rated kids show on television for three years. “The Nightmare Room” thriller book series (published by Parachute/Avon Books) has sold more than 1 million copies, building on Stine’s reputation as “the Stephen King for kids” and the master of “safe scares.” “The Nightmare Room” will bring to life adaptations of the books as well as original never-before-read storylines written just for Kids’ WB! The series is produced by the award-winning team of Tollin/Robbins Productions (“Smallville,” “All That,” “Kenan & Kel,” “The Amanda Show,” “Cousin Skeeter”) in association with Parachute Entertainment, the successful producer of books and entertainment for children, and distributed by Warner Bros. Television.

“The Nightmare Room” live-action series will take viewers to a world beyond reality…where nightmares just might be real. A world where ordinary eyeglasses reveal the masks people hide behind, lies come true with eerie results and a school locker with the #13 brings the worst luck of all. Dare to enter…”The Nightmare Room!”