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Kids’ WB Schedules New Series “Cubix”

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Kids’ WB! Announces Breakthrough 3D-CGI Animated Series “Cubix”” From 4Kids Entertainment Set To Debut On Saturday, August 11

(July 16, 2001 – Burbank, CA) – Kids’ WB!, the #1 broadcast network for kids, announces the debut of its stunning new 3D-CGI animated series, “CUBIX,” which presents a world “where there’s a robot for everyone,” premiering on Saturday, August 11 (10:30 a.m. ET/9:30 a.m. PT).

“We are excited to be partnering with 4Kids Entertainment on their first original series ‘CUBIX,’” said Ms. Friedman. “This stunning 3D-CGI series brings an unprecedented quality of animation to television that kids have never before experienced. ‘CUBIX’ presents an amazing futuristic world, filled with fascinating characters and robots, which kids today will be captivated by.”

“CUBIX” follows the adventures of 13-year-old Connor, a gadget whiz, who brings to life a robot named Cubix that had been discarded as useless. When the town’s wacky mad scientist, the evil Dr. K., begins to steal robots in search of a mysterious power source, Cubix and his friends prove to be the only force that can stop him. “CUBIX” is set in an amazing world called Bubble Town, where 10,000 of 24,000 residents are robots! The robots are everywhere and serve every function – from pizza delivery vendors to personal trainers to police officers…and even best friends! From 4Kids Entertainment, the same production team that brought “Pokémon” and the new fall series “Yu-Gi-Oh!” to Kids’ WB!, “CUBIX” is a futuristic series filled with high-adventure and extraordinary friendships. This breakthrough show is the first original animated series produced by 4Kids.

Kids’ WB! and 4Kids Entertainment also will launch the CUBIX web site this summer, featuring sneak peeks of upcoming episodes, character descriptions and a fun-filled CUBIX coloring book which kids can download and print. Kids also will be able to link to the CUBIX site via

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