“Invader ZIM” Premieres Friday, March 30 on Nickelodeon

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Series Created by Comic Book Artist Jhonen Vasquez

Invader ZIMPasadena, CA – January 17, 2001 — Nickelodeon’s first animated science-fiction fantasy series, Invader ZIM premieres Friday, March 30, 2001 at 9:00PM (ET/PT). From the inventive mind of comic book creator Jhonen Vasquez, and co-executive produced by animation veteran Mary Harrington, the series focuses on a paranoid alien named ZIM from planet Irk who believes he is at the forefront of a sinister plan of galactic conquest.

“Invader ZIM has a look and feel that is completely unique, with a kid-like yet sophisticated sense of humor that will appeal to kids across all age groups,” said Cyma Zarghami, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Nickelodeon. “Jhonen Vasquez is a fresh new talent who has used an innovative animation style to create a fantastic and hilarious sci-fi world rich with imaginative characters and situations.”

A hopeless failure on his home planet, Invader ZIM (Richard Horvitz, Angry Beavers) is ordered to Earth by his superiors, The Almighty Tallest, who hope to get rid of him once and for all. Aided by his attention-deprived robot GIR (Rosearik Rikki Simons) , ZIM prepares to deploy his mission of destruction on the hapless planet. But ZIM is as hapless as Earth itself, and to better study the planet’s weaknesses he goes undercover and enrolls in elementary school. Though his disguise consists of a pair of contact lenses and a bad wig, nobody seems to notice anything wrong with this green-skinned new kid. Thus prepared, ZIM faces the perils of Earth moderately undaunted.

Out to stop ZIM’s plan of conquest is Dib (Andy Berman), a paranormal kid investigator who is the only one who spots ZIM as an alien threat to humanity. Dib’s intensity in exposing ZIM rivals only his intensity in failing at that very task. Meanwhile, Dib’s younger sister Gaz (Melissa Fahn) would rather obsess on her video games than help her annoying brother “save the world.”

The season premiere, “The Nightmare Begins,” finds ZIM trying to join his fellow Irkens in their conquest of the galaxy: Operation Impending Doom II. But unfortunately, since ZIM was responsible for the failure of Impending Doom I, his leaders, The Almighty Tallest, send him to a planet so unimportant and out of the way that he won’t be able to foil them up again. ZIM arrives on planet Earth, and soon learns the terrors of elementary school, the dangers of his new nemesis Dib and that filthy Earth creatures are really just begging to be conquered.

Future episodes of Invader ZIM find the Invader in a state of perpetual madness trying to prove his humanity and gather information about Earth’s weaknesses. In “Parent/Teacher Night,” Dib warns ZIM that if he doesn’t show up with real human parents, everyone will know he’s an alien. But ZIM brings a pair of robo-parents to school, and dangerous hijinks ensue. In “Bad, Bad Rubber Piggy,” ZIM builds a time machine to rid the world of Dib forever, but due to a miscalculation, the only object that can travel back in time is GIR’s toy pig. When ZIM’s plan backfires, Dib becomes more threatening then ever.

Series creator Jhonen Vasquez is a young artist from San Jose, CA. Vasquez has created two comic book series, SQUEE! and Johnny, The Homicidal Maniac, both published by Slave Labor Graphics and both of which have become industry classics. SQUEE! was nominated for two Eisner Awards for best new series and best humor publication. Vasquez has recently completed a new comic series, I Feel Sick. Invader ZIM is his first animated series.

As an independent producer, Mary Harrington is co-executive producer of Invader ZIM. Harrington is a veteran of more than ten years in the animation industry, holding various senior level positions. From identifying creative concepts and discovering new talent to helping pioneer the start and operation of the Nickelodeon animation studio, Harrington has brought together some of the most innovative talent in the industry to produce cutting-edge and critically acclaimed animated series.

Invader ZIM is a Nicktoons Production and is produced at the Nickelodeon Animation Studio in Burbank, CA. Jhonen Vasquez and Mary Harrington are Executive Producers, and Vasquez also serves as Head Writer. Steve Ressel is Producer/Director. Rob Hummel is Story Editor, and Monique Beatty is the Line Producer.

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