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Kids’ WB Launches “Summer Click & Pick”

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Kids’ WB! Heats Up The Summer With An All-New Schedule

(June 13, 2000 – Burbank, CA) – LOOK OUT … kids are taking control! Beginning Saturday, June 17, Kids’ WB! will turn up the heat with a cool new summer schedule chosen by kids. The “Kids’ WB! Summer Click & Pick” takeover will invite kids to vote on what will air on their network. The new summer lineup also includes the debut of “Cardcaptors,” a hot new card added to the winning-hand of programs on Kids’ WB!.

Top-rated Kids’ WB! is handing over network operations to its many fans. Viewers will get the chance to vote for their favorite characters from each series in the new summer lineup, which will include a different theme each week. Saturday mornings also will feature the “Kids’ WB! Click & Pick All-Stars,” a one-hour block highlighting the two series that received the most votes from viewers based on the theme of the week. Currently, more than 100,000 votes have been cast by Kids’ WB! viewers “clicking & picking” their favorite character and series on

It’s in the cards…on Saturday, June 17, Kids’ WB! will deal kids an exciting hand with the new mystical magical adventure series “Cardcaptors,” premiering in the 9:30 a.m. ET/8:30 a.m. PT time period. A delightful new Japanese anime adventure, “Cardcaptors” follows 10-year-old Sakura and her mysterious classmate Li who, after an innocent mistake, release the world’s most powerful magic and begin the adventure of a lifetime. When Sakura finds an unusual clasp-locked book called the “CLOW Book,” and opens it, she accidentally sets free magical Clow cards, which embody fantastical forces of nature. Now, joined by a demanding but humorous guardian beast named Kero, Sakura and Li must recapture the cards, one by one, before the fury of their magic is set loose on an unsuspecting world. In a unique conflict between good and evil to reclaim the elusive and destructive cards, only Sakura’s strength of mind and heart will save the world from chaos. Sakura and Li’s quest as Cardcaptors introduces these two young heroes and a fantastic new world only on Kids’ WB!

From now until August 12, Kids’ WB! will give kids the chance to watch and win different prizes every two weeks during the “Kids’ WB! Summer Click & Pick Sweepstakes.” Kids from around the country will have the opportunity to win a grand prize every two weeks, including tickets to the premiere of “Pokémon The Movie: 2000” in New York, a big screen television, a computer and printer, and a trip to a Six Flags Theme Park, among many other great giveaways. For the five sweepstakes Saturdays, taking place every two weeks through August 12, a password will be revealed during a specified series on Kids’ WB!’s Saturday morning lineup. Kids may click on to to enter the sweepstakes or to find out the mailing address for each sweepstakes’ postcard entries.

On Saturday, June 24, Kids’ WB! Summer Click & Pick” theme of the week will be “monsters, ghosts and aliens,” and all brave viewers have cast their vote… The themed morning lineup on Saturday, July 1, will feature powerful pals, awesome allies and fantastic friends. Viewers may “Click & Pick” their choice for the best of the best “best friends,” including Pikachu from “Pokémon,” Pinky from “Pinky and The Brain,” Yakko from “Animaniacs,” Shareena from “Detention” and more.