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Kids’ WB Sets “Max Steel” Premiere

Author: Nickandmore!

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Kids’ WB! Uncovers First 3D CGI Animated Series, From Sony Pictures Family Entertainment, “Max Steel” Set To Debut Saturday, February 26

(February 11, 2000 – New York, NY) – MAX-imum security … ”Going Turbo!!” Kids’ WB!, the #1 kids’ network, and Sony Pictures Family Entertainment (SPFE) join forces to uncover a new 3D CGI animated action-packed series “Max Steel.” This adrenaline-pumping, challenge-taking, high-intensity driven series debuts on Kids’ WB!, Saturday, February 26 (9:30 a.m. ET / 8:30 a.m. PT). Max Steel is an international secret agent, high-tech hero and average teenager — who may hold the fate of the world in his bionically enhanced hands. A sneak preview of the network’s first 3D CGI animated superhero will air on Friday, February 25 (4:30 p.m.).

The announcement was made today by Donna Friedman, Senior Vice President, Kids’ WB!, and Bob Higgins, Senior Vice President, Creative Affairs, SPFE., during a press conference to launch the “Max Steel” brand in New York.

Set in the fictitious suburban city of Del Oro Bay, the series centers around Max Steel, a young international secret agent who was the product of a bio-technical accident where he was infused with nano-technology giving him bionic abilities. The teenage hi-tech hero is dedicated to protecting the Earth by fighting the most dangerous and sinister mercenary organization, DREAD, and its goal of world domination. Max also lives a double life. His friends know him as Josh McGrath, a typical college student, with a passion for extreme sports.

Josh’s intense curiosity and sense of adventure leads him into the furtive world of his surrogate father’s corporation, N-TEK, a super-secret international organization that appears on the surface to be an extreme sports conglomerate. During a struggle with an intruder, a vat full of a mysterious fluid shatters and spills on Josh, causing a powerful reaction. The interaction of the fluid with Josh’s body allows him not only to survive, but to evolve. He gains increased physical strength and agility, and is able to power up to ten times that of normal humans, giving him the unique ability to camouflage his appearance so that he can blend in with any surroundings.

Josh takes advantage of his new abilities and becomes a secret agent with the covert identity of Max Steel. The series follows Max and Team Steel on adventures around the world to help prevent the evil DREAD from taking over.

Created completely in CGI animation, the high-action series will have a unique look and distinct style. The “Max Steel” cast will include Christian Campbell as Max Steel; Jacob Vargas as Berto; Shannon Kenny as Rachel; Lauren Tom as Laura; Chi McBride as Jefferson Smith; and Keith Szarabajka as Mairot/Psycho.

The series is executive produced by Richard Raynis (“Men in Black,” “Godzilla”). Jeff Kline (“Men in Black,” “Godzilla,” “Jumanji”) serves as co-executive producer and Greg Weisman (“Gargoyles”) is producer. The show is produced and animated by Sony Pictures Family Entertainment for Kids’ WB!