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Boomerang January: ‘Numb Chucks’ Premieres; ‘Grojband’, ‘Tom & Jerry Show’ Join

While we still don’t have an official rebrand date, it’s clear Boomerang is moving toward that direction very fast.

Boomerang June: “Chowder,” “Mystery Inc.” Join; “Foster’s” & More Return; Many Leave

Boomerang is shaking their schedule up big time this June. Joining the line-up are Chowder and Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated and returning is Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends.

“Pink Panther and Pals” Is Now On Boomerang

One of America’s most beloved cartoon characters is slinking his way back to television screens this July. MGM’s Pink Panther and Pals, an adaptation of the popular original The Pink Panther series, premieres Monday, July 19 at 7 a.m., playing weekdays on Boomerang, the commercial-free home of classic animation. A forever sly and now teenaged Pink Panther is up to his old tricks again, continuing in hilarious new adventures with buddies, from Ant & the Aardvark to town bully, Big Nose. Each show contains three episodes and features the silent panther’s outrageous antics that include playing in a band, going to an arcade and mastering the art of pizza delivery.

What’s New on TV This Week? Lots!

There are so many new episodes on TV this coming week that I just had to make a list of them all so you wouldn’t forget! Here’s what’s new this week on Nickelodeon, Nicktoons, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel and Disney XD:

Cartoon Network Upfront 2010

via Cartoon Network press release: Cartoon Network Broadens its Audience with Programming “Firsts” and Unique Primetime Strategy First-Ever Kids Sports Awards Event Cartoon Network’s Hall of Game to Debut 2011 Network Unveils 25 New Series/Movies/Specials and 13 Returning Series Cartoon Network unveiled a substantial new line-up of content today at its annual Advertising Upfront presentation […]