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Background and info

Over the years, I have collected 40,000+ screencaps for the TV networks this website covers. Many have been through my own collections (VHS, DVD-Rs and direct capture) in addition to discovering other videos that people have shared online (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.).

Screencaps – still TV screen image captures – are one of the best ways of capturing the nature of a TV network over time. From their on-screen presentation to the way they design their promos and promote their shows, screencaps can tell a lot about TV networks.

With over 40,000 images totaling almost 16 GB of space, there has been no easy way for me to get them online… until now.

I have started the process of displaying my screencaps through slideshow videos on YouTube. One advantage to using still images and not video directly from a TV network is (hopeful) avoidance of copyright violation. These still images are displayed for approx. 3 seconds and allow a viewer to pause to explore further each image if desired. I have included light background music to avoid a silent video, but you can feel free to mute it or play your own music instead.

There is no money being made from this. I am not part of any of YouTube monetary programs and have asked that ADs not be displayed with my videos (if they are, it’s YouTube’s doing – not mine).

Feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel to keep up with new videos as they are posted. It’s going to take a while to get them all online. But here’s to starting!

I will include the playlist for Nickelodeon screencaps here for preview. Please feel free to view them on YouTube for easier access to the content you are looking for. And subscribe and/or view my channel for many other network’s screencaps.

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