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Please be aware: While every effort is made to have the most accurate TV schedule archive available, we cannot guarantee that every schedule is 100% accurate. We try our very best, though!

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The story behind the archive…

The NICKandMORE TV Schedule Archive was created by and is maintained by site owner and administrator, Bryan. Here are his words on the history behind it:

“My collection of TV schedules began in 2003 when I started keeping track of Nickelodeon schedules on a weekly basis. The Nickelodeon TV schedule archive is the most comprehensive and detailed, as Nickelodeon was the central focus of my record keeping for many years. The archive includes Nick’s TV schedules on a daily basis since March 31, 2003!

Originally I posted Nick’s TV schedules on the newsgroup (which is now archived by Google). After that, I mainly kept the records on my computer with sporadic postings on other websites and message boards. The real online archiving of my Nick schedules began in November 2006 when I launched the “Nick Schedules” message board at ProBoards. As you may know, that turned into Nick & More and rocketed into this very website in 2009.

With assistance from several members at our old ProBoards forum, TV schedule record keeping for Nicktoons Network (now just Nicktoons), Disney Channel, Cartoon Network and other networks began in late-2006 and 2007. Weekly schedules for many of those networks can be found from then to now.

Of course, with meticulous and exhausting research online and with the generous contributions from others, the archive has grown to include past TV schedules recovered through websites by way of, by old TV Guide magazines and through other verifiable sources.

Other TV networks, both inside and outside the scope of this website, are archived on an irregular basis. I look at keeping records for networks that we don’t focus on as giving visitors a “snapshot” of sorts for what other networks have offered in their scheduling. It’s impossible for me (or anyone really) to keep track of virtually every network. Plus, I find it impossible to keep accurate records for networks I either don’t watch or don’t have access to.

I currently (and have been now for 10+ years for Nickelodeon) keep weekly TV schedules detailing day-to-day schedules of programs, new episodes and special events for Nickelodeon, Nicktoons, TeenNick, Cartoon Network, Boomerang, Disney Channel, Disney XD and the Hub Network. It’s exhausting to keep track of sometimes, but for the massive archive that it has become, being the most viewed part of the site every month, and serving as a great resource to many people, I don’t expect to stop anytime soon!”