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Fall Schedules: Little Change, Less Variety


As has been the case for a while now, the kids cable networks aren’t making many big changes and are playing things pretty safe season-to-season. In days of yore, said networks would usually change things up for the summer months and then shake their schedules up again for the fall. Not so much any more.

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TeenNick Airing Final 11 Episodes of “Alien Dawn” This Weekend

Alien Dawn

Alien Dawn

Alien Dawn premiered on Nicktoons last February and aired for three months with only 15 of the show’s 26 episodes airing. After leaving the network in April 2013, both in premieres and repeats, the show hasn’t aired anywhere since.

Now, TeenNick is airing the whole series – all 26 episodes – this weekend as part of their “Best Summer Ever” programming event. This will be the first time the series has aired on the network.

Alien DawnThe marathon will air Saturday and Sunday from noon-6:30pm (ET) each day. The 11 premiere episodes will run back-to-back starting Sunday at 1pm.

Disappointingly, TeenNick is not available in high definition (like Nicktoons is), so Alien Dawn will only be seen in letterbox. Maybe Nicktoons will eventually get around to showing them? It’d work well in the early mornings beside Supah Ninjas.

*Spoiler Alert*

Following is a list of episode titles and descriptions for the series:

101-102 Genesis
16-year-old Cameron Turner has been struggling to cope with the mysterious disappearance of his father, astronaut hero and comic book artist Brady Turner. All seems lost when police call off the investigation. However, when Cameron discovers his father’s hidden unfinished graphic novel, he realizes his father knew some dangerous information, and it’s up to Cameron to find him.
103 The School Has Eyes
When Cameron and Lucy run into some disciplinary trouble at school, they decide to hack into the school database to make their records spotless. Breaking into the database, they find the school is hiding some secrets of its own.
104 Beware of Falling Rocks
Cameron and Boris are suspicious of Lucy’s mysterious past. Their suspicions grow when they learn Lucy is ditching them to attend an exclusive meeting at Condon Aerospace.
105 Tunnels
Cameron wants to enter a skateboarding competition but is grounded. When Ruby makes him clean his father’s studio, Cameron discovers a way to sneak out to the Crater skate park after all.
106 The Secret Society
Concerned about Cameron’s behavior, the school sends him to a shrink. When Boris goes in Cameron’s place, he reveals a little too much information, and they realize this is no ordinary psychiatrist.
107 Olivine House
Rock and Roll suggest to Cameron that Brady may be at Olivine House, a mental institution run by Black Dawn. Cameron and Boris sneak in, only to find they may be more familiar with Olivine House than they first realized.
108 Eclipse
Cameron, Boris and Lucy hear of a secret underground rave and decide to go. Strangely enough, Cameron’s crush Stella is there, and she’s got a big surprise for him and his friends.
109 The Pied Piper
After Shane goes missing, Cameron, Boris and Lucy are suspects. Once they’re released, they see news reports of a recent kidnapper known as “The Pied Piper”–he’s the same creepy tall man who’s been watching Cameron!
110 The Video
Thanks to Boris’s carelessness, Rock and Roll find footage of an alien and post it on the Internet. When Condon Aerospace finds out and captures the two conspiracy theorists, it’s up to Cameron, Boris and Lucy to free their friends.
111 Lucy
After Cameron and Boris accuse her father of working with aliens, Lucy becomes suspicious and decides to investigate the strange school her father sent her to for two years.
112 Memories of a Hero
On the anniversary of the Tunguska Mission, a supposedly “deceased” astronauts makes a shocking return and tries to help Cameron find his father.
113-114 The Compound
Cameron and Boris follow clues in the graphic novel to figure out where the Olivine compound is. After a news leak, aliens believe Hugh Condon has the Olivine compound and they confront him.
115 The Trial
Black Dawn captures Cameron, Boris and Lucy and accuse them of working for the aliens. Cameron and Boris discover some shocking evidence about Lucy.
116 The Good, the Bad and the Tall Man
Boris goes on a date with Heather, a girl he met at Crater Comics. However, while investigating the Tall Man, Cameron learns that Heather isn’t who she appears to be.
117 The Phoenix Project
With Condon Aerospace in ruins, Lucy finds herself shut out of the company. Desperate, Cameron and Boris help her investigate a secret warehouse where her father kept his most confidential projects–including possibly the Olivine compound.
118 Dawn of Time
With the aliens closing in, Hugh Condon tries to prevent their attack by traveling back in time using the Phoenix device. Cameron, Boris and Lucy disobey him and use the machine themselves, allowing them to witness the Tunguska mission.
119 Super-Cam
After Ruby catches Cameron levitating objects in his room, Boris encourages Cameron to explore his developing superpowers. Cameron is reluctant but soon learns it’s his responsibility to learn how to control his superhuman abilities.
120 Eternal Sunshine of Boris’ Mind
When an embarrassing incident puts Boris’s student council president campaign in jeopardy, he goes to desperate measures to restore his public image. Cameron learns that a powerful villain has been working undercover at Armstrong High.
121 Reunion
Cameron, Boris and Lucy are shocked when Keaton and Taryn are introduced as new students at the school. Even worse, they’re planning a big Spring Slumber, and it’s up to Cameron to figure out what evil plan’s up their sleeve before it’s too late.
122 The Comic Convention
Boris accidentally loses the Mission Dawn graphic novel at a comic convention. As he and Cameron race to get it back, they discover it’s not just obsessive nerds who want the comic, but a far more intimidating foe.
123 I, Pierce
Pierce rebels after learning he’s a robot. Cameron, Boris and Lucy try to calm him down before he causes any further destruction to the city–or them!
124 The Heiress
Lucy learns that she has inherited Condon Aerospace. However, when she tries to assume power she finds a member of the board wants to keep her away from Condon Aerospace affairs.
125-126 Origins
Cameron learns what happened to his father right before he disappeared. Lucy discovers a shocking secret about the Olivine compound. The aliens return from the past with the knowledge they need to find the Olivine.


Alien Dawn 02Alien Dawn is a science-fiction series filmed in fantasy/reality style, combining live-action and animation that follows the adventures of 16-year-old Cameron Turner as he races to uncover clues of a mysterious conspiracy hidden in the animated pages of a comic book series created by his missing father.

The series stars Aaron Sauter as Cameron Turner, Kenny Sosnowski as Boris Walleskya, Christina Caradona as Lucy Condon and Nick Wincenc as Pierce Rockwell.