Goodbye from

After running for over six years, I've decided to move on from what this website once covered.

Given the soon to expire domain and hosting, I'm opting to close the website instead of pay $130-per-year for something I am no longer using.

I know this year has been confusing for many, myself included, but I guess this at least gives everyone the final assurance that is no longer going to continue.

Thank you for visiting this website and for all the fun we've had these many years.


@nickandmore on
social media

Though this website has ended, the @nickandmore Twitter account will live on, though inactive for now. However, I am no longer on Tumblr, Facebook or Instagram (or anything else). Anyone with the "nickandmore" handle/username is not me.

A few "fun facts"

Here's a quick look back at how Nick & More! has progressed over the years:

Nickelodeon Kids Forever

I am starting a new Twitter project called @NickKidsForever. I figure one way for me to move past nickandmore is to go back to where it all began for me - focusing on Nickelodeon (though mostly their older stuff). Follow me there is you would like.