List of every series aired on Nickelodeon

Last updated: 11:51 PM 11/4/2019

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Nickandmore! presents a working list of every series ever aired on Nickelodeon.

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Nick Premiere Date Program
1979 ^ back to top
Apr-1-1979 Pinwheel
Apr-1-1979 Video Comics
Apr-1-1979 By The Way
Apr-1-1979 Nickel Flicks
Apr-1-1979 America Goes Bananaz
Dec-3(?)-1979 Children's Classics
Dec-31(?)-1979 Hocus Focus
1980 ^ back to top
Jan-27(?)-1980 First Row Features
Apr-6(?)-1980 Special Delivery
Apr-7(?)-1980 What Will They Think of Next!
(aka Science International)
Jun-2-1980 Dusty's Treehouse
Oct-6(?)-1980 Livewire
Oct-6(?)-1980 PopClips
1981 ^ back to top
Apr-5-1981 Matt and Jenny
Apr-5-1981 Adventures in Rainbow Country
Apr-5-1981 Studio See
Apr-6-1981 Vegetable Soup
Jun-7-1981 Nick's Family Picks
Jul-4-1981 Reggie Jackson's World of Sports
Sept-1-1981 The Tomorrow People (1973)
Dec-25-1981 Kids' Writes
1982 ^ back to top
Jan-1-1982 Spread Your Wings
Jan-1-1982 The Adventures of Black Beauty
Jan-2-1982 You Can't Do That on Television
May-3-1982 Today's Special
Jul-4-1982 Against the Odds
Oct-16/23-1982 Standby...Lights! Camera! Action!
1983 ^ back to top
Jan-4-1983 The Third Eye
Oct-3-1983 Mr. Wizard's World
Oct-4-1983 Going Great
1984 ^ back to top
Jun-4-1984 Danger Mouse
Jun-8-1984 Nick Rocks: Video to Go
Jun-16-1984 Belle and Sebastian
Jul-1-1984 Vic's Vacant Lot
Oct-1-1984 Lassie
(seasons 4+)
Oct-1-1984 Powerhouse
Oct-4-1984 Out of Control
1985 ^ back to top
Apr-1-1985 Hangin' In
Apr-7-1985 National Geographic Explorer
Jun-1-1985 The Little Prince
Jun-3-1985 Turkey Television
Jul-1-1985 Dennis the Menace
Jul-1-1985 The Donna Reed Show
Jul-1-1985 Route 66
Oct-?-1985 Bananaman
Nov-3-1985 My Three Sons
Nov-9-1985 Star Trek: The Animated Series
1986 ^ back to top
Mar-3-1986 Mister Ed
May-4-1986 I Spy
May-4-1986 The Smothers Brothers
Jun-30-1986 Curious George
Jun-30-1986 The Mysterious Cities of Gold
Sept-1-1986 The Monkees
Oct-4-1986 Spartakus and the Sun Beneath the Sea
Oct-6-1986 Double Dare
Nov-1-1986 Zoo Family
Nov-1-1986 Rated K: For Kids By Kids
1987 ^ back to top
Jan-5-1987 The Ann Sothern Show /
Private Secretary (aka Susie)
(both series aired in rotated runs)
Mar-7-1987 The Bad News Bears
Mar-7-1987 Mad Movies with the L.A. Connection
Mar-16-1987 The Shari Show
May-18-1987 Maple Town
Jun-1-1987 Adventures of the Little Koala
Jul-1-1987 Car 54, Where Are You?
Oct-1-1987 Inspector Gadget
Oct-4-1987 16 Cinema
Oct-5-1987 Sharon, Lois & Bram's Elephant Show
Oct-5-1987 Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In
Nov-2-1987 Finders Keepers
1988 ^ back to top
Jan-4-1988 The World of David the Gnome
Feb-1-1988 Make Room for Daddy
Feb-6-1988 Count Duckula
Apr-1-1988 Doctor Snuggles
Apr-1-1988 Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp
Jul-1-1988 Don't Just Sit There
Sept-4-1988 The Best of Saturday Night Live
Sept-10-1988 Kids' Court
Sept-10-1988 SCTV
Sept-11-1988 Looney Tunes on Nickelodeon
Sept-12-1988 The Patty Duke Show
Oct-1-1988 Heathcliff
Nov-8-1988 Noozles
1989 ^ back to top
Apr-1-1989 On the Television
Apr-1-1989 Total Panic
May-1-1989 Think Fast!
May-?-1989 Grimm's Fairy Tale Classics
Jul-14-1989 Hey Dude
Aug-27-1989 Eureeka's Castle
Sept-4-1989 Fred Penner's Place
Sept-4-1989 Bewitched
Oct-2-1989 Make the Grade
Nov-5-1989 Green Acres
Dec-10-1989 The Kids of Degrassi Street
(part of Special Delivery; multiple episodes aired)
1990 ^ back to top
Jan-1-1990 Maya the Bee
Apr-2-1990 The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis
Apr-2-1990 Fernwood 2 Night / America 2 Night
(both series aired in rotated runs)
Jul-4-1990 SK8-TV
Jul-4-1990 Wild & Crazy Kids
Jul-9-1990 Camp Runamuck
Aug-4-1990 Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Aug-6-1990 Flipper
Aug-13-1990 Outta Here!
Aug-13-1990 Family Double Dare
Oct-1-1990 Kids World
Oct-1-1990 Nickelodeon's Most Wanted: Yogi Bear
Oct-7-1990 Cartoon Kablooey
1991 ^ back to top
Jan-4-1991 Dragnet
Jan-14-1991 Get Smart
Feb-2-1991 Fifteen
Feb-16-1991 Welcome Freshmen
Mar-4-1991 Mork & Mindy
Mar-18-1991 Get the Picture
Mar-23-1991 Clarissa Explains It All
May-1-1991 The Littl' Bits
May-9-1991 Launch Box
Jul-4-1991 Salute Your Shorts
Jul-21-1991 Hi Honey, I'm Home!
Aug-11-1991 Doug
Aug-11-1991 Rugrats
Aug-11-1991 The Ren & Stimpy Show
Aug-31-1991 What Would You Do?
Sept-1-1991 The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour
Sept-1-1991 The Brady Bunch Variety Hour
Sept-20-1991 Adventures of Superman
Sept-22-1991 Nick News with Linda Ellerbee
(may need to be separated out into multiple shows)
Sept-30-1991 The Dick Van Dyke Show
Oct-1-1991 Jeff's Collie
(episodes from Lassie seasons 1-3)
Oct-5-1991 F Troop
1992 ^ back to top
Jan-3-1992 Nick Arcade
Mar-21-1992 Donny & Marie (1976)
Apr-6-1992 The Lucy Show
Jun-15-1992 Underdog
Jun-15-1992 Bullwinkle's Moose-o-Rama
Aug-15-1992 Roundhouse
Aug-15-1992 Are You Afraid of the Dark?
Aug-16-1992 Nickelodeon Wild Side Show
Sept-12-1992 The Mary Tyler Moore Show
Sept-19-1992 Nickelodeon GUTS
Sept-28-1992 Muppet Babies
Oct-10-1992 Beyond Belief
Nov-29-1992 The Jim Henson Hour
1993 ^ back to top
Feb-21-1993 The Tomorrow People (1992)
Apr-5-1993 Cappelli & Company
Jul-11-1993 Weinerville
Jul-12-1993 The Partridge Family
Sept-11-1993 Legends of the Hidden Temple
Sept-13-1993 The Bob Newhart Show
Sept-18-1993 Rocko's Modern Life
Nov-27-1993 The Adventures of Pete & Pete
(as a regular series; shorts/specials aired previously)
Dec-6-1993 Janosch's Dream World
(aka Janosch's Traumstunde)
1994 ^ back to top
Feb-14-1994 I Love Lucy
Mar-2-1994 Papa Beaver's Storytime
Mar-7-1994 The Alvin Show
Apr-4-1994 The Muppet Show
Apr-4-1994 Beetlejuice
Apr-16-1994 All That
Jun-6-1994 Gumby
Jun-6-1994 I Dream of Jeannie
Jul-2-1994 The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour
Sept-3-1994 The White Shadow
Oct-3-1994 The Adventures of Tintin
Oct-8-1994 The Secret World of Alex Mack
Oct-15-1994 My Brother and Me
Oct-24-1994 Allegra's Window
Oct-24-1994 Gullah Gullah Island
Oct-30-1994 Aaahh!!! Real Monsters
Nov-5-1994 U to U
Nov-6-1994 Taxi
Dec-?-1994 Teacher to Teacher with Mr. Wizard
1995 ^ back to top
Jan-13-1995 Bing! The Sound of Something New
Feb-12-1995 The Brady Bunch
(regular starting Jun-1-1998)
Feb-12-1995 The Brady Kids
Feb-13-1995 The Brady Brides
May-29-1995 Welcome Back, Kotter
Jun-30-1995 The Munsters
Jul-3-1995 The Busy World of Richard Scarry
Jul-3-1995 Alvin and the Chipmunks
Sept-4-1995 Global GUTS
Sept-9-1995 Land of the Lost (1991)
Sept-11-1995 Little Bear
Sept-12-1995 Rupert
Sept-16-1995 H.R. Pufnstuf
Sept-16-1995 Land of the Lost (1974)
Sept-16-1995 Sigmund and the Sea Monsters
Sept-16-1995 The World of Sid & Marty Krofft
Sept-16-1995 Electra Woman and Dyna Girl
Sept-16-1995 The Bugaloos
Sept-16-1995 Lidsville
Sept-25-1995 Tiny Toon Adventures
Oct-1-1995 Clarissa Now (pilot)
Nov-6-1995 The Adventures of Timmy the Tooth
Dec-18-1995 The Honeymooners
Dec-22-1995 The Andy Williams Show
1996 ^ back to top
Feb-14-1996 Here's Lucy
Feb-14-1996 Life With Lucy
Mar-2-1996 Space Cases
Mar-16-1996 The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo
Mar-26-1996 The Phil Silvers Show
Apr-29-1996 Love, American Style
Apr-29-1996 The Addams Family
Apr-29-1996 That Girl
Apr-29-1996 Hogan's Heroes
Apr-29-1996 The Ed Sullivan Show
Apr-29-1996 The Sonny & Cher Show
Apr-29-1996 Hill Street Blues
Apr-29-1996 Time Element
(aka Desilu Playhouse)
Apr-29-1996 St. Elsewhere
Apr-29-1996 My Mother the Car
Apr-29-1996 Petticoat Junction
Apr-29-1996 Gunsmoke
Apr-29-1996 Mannix
Apr-29-1996 Honey West
May-10-1996 Rhoda
May-12-1996 Phyllis
May-12-1996 The Betty White Show
Jun-3-1996 The Odd Couple
Jun-8-1996 Nickelodeon Sports Theater with Shaquille O'Neal
Jun-8-1996 Cannon
Aug-17-1996 Kenan & Kel
Sept-8-1996 Blue's Clues
Sept-9-1996 Happy Days
Oct-7-1996 Hey Arnold!
Oct-11-1996 KaBlam!
Oct-13-1996 The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss
Nov-2-1996 Ship to Shore
1997 ^ back to top
Jan-24-1997 Room 222
Mar-17-1997 Newhart
Mar-18-1997 Bob (1992)
Apr-19-1997 The Angry Beavers
Apr-29-1997 The Flip Wilson Show
Apr-29-1997 The Dean Martin Show
Jul-2-1997 Brooklyn Bridge (1991)
Jul-4-1997 Have Gun, Will Travel
Jul-7-1997 Figure It Out
Sept-15-1997 Garfield and Friends
Oct-13-1997 The Wonder Years
Oct-19-1997 And Now This! (pilot)
Nov-8-1997 The Journey of Allen Strange
1998 ^ back to top
Jan-23-1998 You're on Nickelodeon, Charlie Brown
Feb-2-1998 Binyah Binyah!
(5-episode Gullah Gullah Island spin-off)
Feb-2-1998 Sanford and Son
Feb-2-1998 Julia
Feb-2-1998 The Arsenio Hall Show
Apr-4-1998 CatDog
Jun-22-1998 The Little Twins
Jun-28-1998 Bus No. 9
(pilot; based on "As Our School Bus Turns" shorts)
Jul-6-1998 Laverne & Shirley
Jul-19-1998 Oh Yeah! Cartoons
Aug-3-1998 You're On!
Sept-1-1998 The Wild Thornberrys
Sept-1-1998 Cousin Skeeter
Sept-4-1998 Animorphs
Oct-12-1998 All in the Family
(regular starting Jan-3-2000)
Dec-13-1998 Renford Rejects
(Nick UK original; aired one-day only)
1999 ^ back to top
Jan-11-1999 Franklin
Jan-16-1999 The Brothers Flub
Jan-25-1999 The Jeffersons
Jan-30-1999 The Sports Illustrated for Kids Show
Feb-8-1999 Kipper
Feb-11-1999 Maisy
May-1-1999 SpongeBob SquarePants
Jun-6-1999 The Phred On Your Head Show
(regular starting Mar-27-2000)
Jun-7-1999 Leave it to Beaver
Jul-5-1999 WKRP in Cincinnati
Aug-16-1999 Rocket Power
Sept-6-1999 Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
Oct-16-1999 The Amanda Show
Oct-16-1999 100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd
Oct-18-1999 Maude
Nov-28-1999 Little Bill
2000 ^ back to top
Jan-22-2000 Double Dare 2000
Jan-24-2000 The Beverly Hillbillies
Mar-11-2000 Caitlin's Way
Mar-28-2000 Ghostwriter
Mar-29-2000 Cro
Apr-30-2000 A Walk in Your Shoes
Jun-4-2000 Gilligan's Island
Jun-5-2000 Shining Time Station
Jun-5-2000 Maggie and the Ferocious Beast
Jul-3-2000 The Andy Griffith Show
Jul-7-2000 Head of the Class
(regular starting Feb-3-2003)
Jul-14-2000 Perfect Strangers
(regular starting Feb-3-2003)
Jul-23-2000 The Brothers Garcia
Aug-14-2000 Dora the Explorer
Sept-4-2000 Bill Nye, the Science Guy
Sept-4-2000 Pinky and the Brain
Sept-4-2000 The Facts of Life
Sept-5-2000 3-2-1 Contact
Oct-7-2000 Noah Knows Best
Oct-15-2000 Three's Company
Oct-24-2000 Pelswick
Oct-25-2000 As Told By Ginger
2001 ^ back to top
Jan-13-2001 Bob the Builder
Jan-14-2001 Taina
Feb-2-2001 Roc
Mar-4-2001 Diff'rent Strokes
Mar-5-2001 Silver Spoons
Mar-7-2001 ALF
Mar-8-2001 227
Mar-9-2001 Big Kids
Mar-9-2001 Square Pegs
Mar-18-2001 Hangin' With Mr. Cooper
(brief time on Nick; returned on N@N starting Jan-13-2014)
Mar-30-2001 The Fairly OddParents
Mar-30-2001 Invader ZIM
May-2-2001 On the Team
Jun-17-2001 TEENick In Concert
Aug-20-2001 Oswald
Sept-1-2001 Animaniacs
Sept-16-2001 Sponk!
Sept-23-2001 Family Ties
Oct-7-2001 Cheers
Nov-9-2001 Butt-Ugly Martians
Nov-18-2001 Action League Now!
Dec-26-2001 Kids Say the Darndest Things
2002 ^ back to top
Jan-19-2002 The Nick Cannon Show
Feb-24-2002 Inside TV Land
Mar-4-2002 The Cosby Show
Mar-22-2002 ChalkZone
Apr-28-2002 Batman (1966)
(part of N@N event; also aired 1 week on Nick starting Jul-8-2002)
Jun-2-2002 Splash TV
Jul-20-2002 The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius
Jul-29-2002 Wild & Crazy Kids (2002)
(aka WACK)
Aug-16-2002 Charles in Charge
Aug-25-2002 Speed Racer X
Aug-25-2002 Nickelodeon Robot Wars
Aug-26-2002 Max & Ruby
Sept-28-2002 Coach
Oct-13-2002 Super Duper Sumos
Oct-27-2002 Scaredy Camp
Nov-10-2002 Clueless
Nov-17-2002 Men in Black: The Series
Nov-24-2002 Barbie (specials/movies)
Nov-26-2002 Carol Burnett and Friends
2003 ^ back to top
Mar-31-2003 Wings
Apr-7-2003 Oobi
Apr-7-2003 Tweenies
Apr-7-2003 Miffy
Apr-12-2003 All Grown Up
Aug-1-2003 My Life as a Teenage Robot
Aug-3-2003 Degrassi: The Next Generation
Aug-10-2003 Girls v. Boys
Aug-17-2003 Radio Free Roscoe
Aug-24-2003 Real Access
Sept-2-2003 Rubbadubbers
Sept-13-2003 Romeo!
Sept-22-2003 Roseanne
Sept-28-2003 Sabrina, the Teenage Witch
Oct-6-2003 Full House
Nov-9-2003 Yakkity Yak
2004 ^ back to top
Jan-11-2004 Drake & Josh
Jan-18-2004 Whoopi's Littleburg
Jan-25-2004 Angela Anaconda
Apr-3-2004 Danny Phantom
Jun-14-2004 Who's the Boss?
Jun-20-2004 Fatherhood
Aug-2-2004 Blue's Room
Aug-16-2004 LazyTown
Sept-7-2004 Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends
(pilot/special aired Mar-31-2003)
Sept-12-2004 Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide
(pilot aired Sept-7-2003)
Sept-12-2004 Unfabulous
Sept-13-2004 The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Oct-11-2004 The Backyardigans
Nov-29-2004 Family Faceoff: Hollywood
2005 ^ back to top
Jan-9-2005 Zoey 101
Jan-24-2005 Murphy Brown
Feb-7-2005 My Dad the Rockstar
Feb-21-2005 Avatar: The Last Airbender
Mar-29-2005 Chasing Farrah
May-16-2005 Martin Mystery
Jun-21-2005 Growing Pains
(regular starting Feb-12-2007)
Jun-21-2005 Moonlighting
Jun-22-2005 Kate and Allie
Jun-22-2005 Benson
Jun-23-2005 Night Court
Jul-9-2005 Catscratch
Jul-23-2005 The Jeff Foxworthy Show
Aug-2-2005 Hi-Jinks
Sept-6-2005 Go, Diego, Go!
Sept-12-2005 Jack's Big Music Show
Nov-25-2005 The X's
Dec-18-2005 6teen
2006 ^ back to top
Mar-3-2006 Wonder Pets!
Apr-4-2006 Search for the Funniest Mom in America
(pre-series special aired May-3-2005)
Apr-9-2006 Just For Kicks
Apr-10-2006 Pinky Dinky Doo
Apr-10-2006 Mad About You
Apr-30-2006 Let's Just Play: Go Healthy Challenge
Jul-17-2006 NewsRadio
Jul-19-2006 A Different World
Aug-20-2006 Kappa Mikey
Aug-20-2006 Shuriken School
Aug-28-2006 Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!
Sept-22-2006 Mr. Meaty
Oct-2-2006 Designing Women
Oct-13-2006 The Upside Down Show
Dec-22-2006 Toot & Puddle
2007 ^ back to top
Jan-7-2007 Just Jordan
Feb-3-2007 The Naked Brothers Band
Feb-19-2007 El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera
Apr-30-2007 America's Funniest Home Videos
Jun-25-2007 Wayside
Aug-20-2007 Yo Gabba Gabba!
Aug-31-2007 Tak and the Power of Juju
Sept-3-2007 Home Improvement
Sept-8-2007 iCarly
Sept-10-2007 George Lopez
Sept-29-2007 Back at the Barnyard
Oct-14-2007 Edgar & Ellen
2008 ^ back to top
Feb-7-2008 Ni Hao, Kai-Lan
Mar-14-2008 H2O: Just Add Water
Mar-29-2008 Dance on Sunset
Apr-26-2008 The Mighty B!
Apr-27-2008 Speed Racer: The Next Generation
Jun-29-2008 Family Matters
Jul-11-2008 Queen Bees
Jul-11-2008 Student Body
Sept-15-2008 My Family's Got GUTS
Nov-8-2008 True Jackson, VP
Nov-16-2008 Rugrats: Pre-School Daze
Nov-28-2008 The Penguins of Madagascar
2009 ^ back to top
Jan-25-2009 Wolverine and the X-Men
Jan-26-2009 Olivia
Apr-26-2009 Iron Man: Armored Adventures
May-10-2009 The Nanny
Jul-5-2009 Malcolm in the Middle
Jul-12-2009 The Assistants
Aug-17-2009 Glenn Martin, DDS
Aug-24-2009 The Fresh Beat Band
Sept-7-2009 Everybody Hates Chris
Sept-12-2009 The Troop
Sept-28-2009 BrainSurge
Oct-12-2009 Fanboy & Chum Chum
Nov-28-2009 Big Time Rush
2010 ^ back to top
Jan-25-2010 Team Umizoomi
Mar-27-2010 VICTORiOUS
Apr-24-2010 7 Secrets
Jun-20-2010 Hot in Cleveland
Aug-30-2010 My Wife and Kids
Oct-2-2010 Planet Sheen
Oct-2-2010 T.U.F.F. Puppy
Oct-31-2010 Monster High (specials / movies)
Nov-7-2010 Hero Factory
Dec-20-2010 Dino Dan
2011 ^ back to top
Jan-1-2011 House of Anubis
Jan-17-2011 Supah Ninjas
Jan-24-2011 Bubble Guppies
Feb-7-2011 Power Rangers Samurai
May-30-2011 That '70s Show
Jun-27-2011 Winx Club
Jun-28-2011 Happily Divorced
Jul-1-2011 Bucket & Skinner's Epic Adventures
Jul-6-2011 Married... with Children
Sept-5-2011 Friends
Sept-19-2011 Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness
2012 ^ back to top
Jan-16-2012 FRED: The Show
Feb-3-2012 Mike the Knight
Feb-4-2012 How to Rock
Feb-13-2012 Franklin and Friends
Apr-14-2012 The Legend of Korra
May-1-2012 Yes, Dear
May-12-2012 Wild Grinders
Jun-11-2012 Figure It Out (2012)
(technically seasons 5-6 of original series)
Jun-11-2012 Hollywood Heights
Jul-8-2012 The Soul Man
Jul-17-2012 Splatalot
Jul-21-2012 You Gotta See This
Aug-4-2012 Robot and Monster
Sept-10-2012 Tickety Toc
Sept-28-2012 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Oct-6-2012 See Dad Run
Nov-9-2012 Deadtime Stories
Nov-24-2012 Marvin Marvin
Dec-14-2012 Peter Rabbit
2013 ^ back to top
Feb-2-2013 NFL Rush Zone
Feb-2-2013 Power Rangers Megaforce
Feb-16-2013 Wendell & Vinnie
Mar-4-2013 Rocket Monkeys
Mar-23-2013 Monsters vs. Aliens
Mar-29-2013 Lalaloopsy
May-25-2013 Sanjay and Craig
Jun-8-2013 Sam & Cat
Jul-1-2013 AwesomenessTV
Jul-13-2013 The Haunted Hathaways
Aug-3-2013 Rabbids Invasion
Aug-12-2013 PAW Patrol
Sept-7-2013 Digimon Fusion
Sept-29-2013 Instant Mom
Oct-7-2013 The New Adventures of Old Christine
Oct-14-2013 The Thundermans
Nov-15-2013 Peppa Pig
Dec-15-2013 Ever After High (specials)
Dec-31-2013 TeenNick Top 10
2014 ^ back to top
Jan-1-2014 Every Witch Way
Feb-3-2014 Wallykazam!
Feb-17-2014 Breadwinners
Jun-2-2014 Webheads
Jul-26-2014 Henry Danger
Aug-18-2014 Dora and Friends: Into the City!
Sept-8-2014 How I Met Your Mother
Sept-13-2014 Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn
Oct-6-2014 Max & Shred
Oct-13-2014 Blaze and the Monster Machines
Nov-11-2014 100 Things to Do Before High School
Dec-15-2014 ReactToThat
2015 ^ back to top
Jan-1-2015 Everybody Loves Raymond
Jan-12-2015 Little Charmers
Jan-17-2015 Bella and the Bulldogs
Jan-30-2015 NFL Rush
Feb-7-2015 Power Rangers Dino Charge
Feb-23-2015 Oggy and the Cockroaches
Mar-6-2015 Mutt & Stuff
Mar-26-2015 Make It Pop
Mar-28-2015 Harvey Beaks
Mar-31-2015 Younger
Apr-27-2015 So Little Time
Jun-29-2015 Fresh Beat Band of Spies
Jul-6-2015 Talia in the Kitchen
Jul-15-2015 The Jim Gaffigan Show
Jul-15-2015 Impastor
Jul-16-2015 Pig Goat Banana Cricket
Aug-3-2015 ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks
Aug-24-2015 Shimmer and Shine
Sept-12-2015 Game Shakers
Sept-23-2015 Teachers
Oct-5-2015 WITS Academy
Dec-6-2015 Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir
2016 ^ back to top
Jan-18-2016 The HALO Effect
Feb-1-2016 Paradise Run
Mar-12-2016 School of Rock
Mar-30-2016 Lopez
Apr-10-2016 The Other Kingdom
May-2-2016 The Loud House
Jun-3-2016 All In With Cam Newton
Jun-8-2016 Still the King
Jul-5-2016 Crashletes
Jul-9-2016 Legendary Dudas
Aug-13-2016 Regal Academy
Sept-9-2016 Jagger Eaton's Mega Life
Oct-3-2016 Kuu Kuu Harajuku
Oct-24-2016 Rank the Prank
Nov-8-2016 Rusty Rivets
Dec-15-2016 Nashville
Dec-23-2016 Hey Duggee
2017 ^ back to top
Jan-16-2017 Bunsen is a Beast
Jan-21-2017 Power Rangers Ninja Steel
Jan-30-2017 Ride
Feb-6-2017 Nella the Princess Knight
Feb-23-2017 Sun Records
Mar-11-2017 Hunter Street
Mar-18-2017 The After Party
Apr-2-2017 Nobodies
Jul-7-2017 Sunny Day
Jul-16-2017 The Dude Perfect Show
Jul-24-2017 Welcome to the Wayne
Aug-28-2017 Mysticons
Sept-4-2017 I Am Frankie
Sept-18-2017 The Goldbergs
Oct-15-2017 Lip Sync Battle Shorties
(pilot/special aired Dec-11-2016)
Nov-6-2017 Top Wing
Dec-6-2017 Two and a Half Men
Dec-15-2017 Thomas & Friends
2018 ^ back to top
Jan-15-2018 The Adventures of Kid Danger
Feb-5-2018 Zoofari
Feb-19-2018 Knight Squad
Mar-26-2018 Keep It Spotless
Mar-31-2018 Star Falls
Jun-25-2018 Double Dare (2018)
Jul-2-2018 Mom
Jul-20-2018 Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Oct-8-2018 The Bureau of Magical Things
Nov-12-2018 Butterbean's Café
Nov-24-2018 Cousins For Life
Dec-31-2018 Abby Hatcher
2019 ^ back to top
Jan-1-2019 The Office
Jan-1-2019 The King of Queens
Jan-27-2019 Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty
(aka RBUK)
Feb-22-2019 Corn & Peg
Mar-2-2019 Power Rangers Beast Morphers
Apr-1-2019 The Substitute
Apr-19-2019 Ryan's Mystery Playdate
May-25-2019 44 Cats
Jun-10-2019 Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader (2019)
Jun-15-2019 All That (2019)
(possibly considered season 11+ of original series)
Jun-22-2019 LEGO City Adventures
Aug-12-2019 American Ninja Warrior
Sept-2-2019 Ricky Zoom
Sept-2-2019 Middle School Moguls
Sept-7-2019 LEGO Jurassic World: Legend of Isla Nublar
Oct-11-2019 Are You Afraid of the Dark? (2019 miniseries)
Oct-14-2019 The Casagrandes
Nov-1-2019 America's Most Musical Family
Nov-11-2019 Blue's Clues & You!
Dec-x-2019 Top Elf