Cartoon Cartoon Weekend: Summerfest

Cartoon Network brought its Cartoon Cartoon summer to a close on August 23-25, 2002 with a weekend full of non-stop Cartoon Cartoons as well as eight brand new animated pilots. In addition, viewers there was a sneak peek at the next Cartoon Cartoon series Codename: Kids Next Door and a look at new Cartoon Network music videos. From 8 p.m. (ET, PT) on Friday, August 23 until 10 p.m. on Sunday, August 25, Cartoon Network aired 50 hours of original animation from series such as Dexter’s Laboratory, Grim & Evil, Courage the Cowardly Dog and The Powerpuff Girls.

The highlight of the weekend was the premiere of 8 new Cartoon Cartoon shorts. The 90-minute block of new Cartoon Cartoon shorts premiered at 8 p.m. on Friday, August 23 and will aired four additional times throughout the weekend – Saturday, August 24 at 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. as well as on Sunday, August 25 at 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. (all times ET, PT). The eight pilots were followed by a sneak peek of Codename: Kids Next Door, a new animated action-comedy series from creator Tom Warburton, premiering on Friday, December 6. The series follows the thrilling escapades of five eager, yet bumbling 10-year-olds as they fight against the forces of tyrannical adults.

Throughout the weekend, viewers also had the opportunity to watch all-new Cartoon Network original music videos. The premiere videos included tracks from Dexter’s Laboratory: The Hip-Hop Experiment, featuring artists such as Prince Paul, Coolio and Additionally, other videos took the stage in this unqiue livae action/animated event. Johnny Bravo was saluted by The Reverend Horton Heat while Courage the Cowardly Dog inspired a ditty by They Might Be Giants.

Following are the descriptions of the eight series pilots that made their Cartoon Network premiere during Cartoon Cartoon Weekend:

Commander Cork: Space Ranger (created by Mike Bell)

Commander Cork is an enthusiastic and overzealous, though not very bright, do-gooder. When he meets Peggy and Petey Paddle, a brother and sister duo who share a fascination with outer space, he decides to bring them with him on his wacky space adventures.

Jeffrey Cat – “All Dogs Don’t Go To Heaven” (created by Mark O’Hare)

Jeffrey Cat has never met a crime he couldn’t lick. A surge in the pet population raises the need for a pet investigator. Jeffrey Cat, the sergeant on all pet-related cases, makes it his mission to safeguard the rights of all of the pets in the community. When a friendly dog is accused of attacking a neighbor, Jeffrey Cat smells a rat.

Longhair and Doubledome – “Where There’s Smoke…There’s Bob” (created by Gavrilo Gnatovich)

Longhair and Doubledome are two appallingly useless, intellectual cavemen who are completely inept in dealing with their prehistoric existence. In their second Cartoon Cartoon short, Longhair and Doubledome discover fire. Having never before seen fire, Doubledome concludes that the blaze must be his son, Bob.

Maktar (created by Gavrilo Gnatovich)

Slashing through our gassy universe, hurtling through our own Milky Way, an invader from the far reaches of Space comes knocking upon our atmospheric door. Sent by Zen and his Space Council, Maktar’s mission is to conquer Earth. But, Maktar, a sniveling middle manager and galactic pushover, couldn’t invade someone’s privacy let alone conquer our Great Blue Planet.

Fungus Among Us (created by Wes Archer)

Keeping clean is a dirty business, as the animated mascots from cleaning product commercials well know. Fungus Among Us follows the trials and tribulations of the fungus who must coexist with the cleaning agents that have been created to destroy them.

Low Brow (created by George Krstic and Jody Schaeffer)

During a routine trip to the garbage dump, suburban misfit Coop discovers an advanced robot from the future. Coop brings the treasure home and retools it to suit his modern-day slacker needs.

Bagboy (created by John Mathot and Ken Segall)

Parker is a typical 14 year-old with the usual adolescent trials, except when he is a Bagboy. Carefully selected by the elite intergalactic council, known as the Bagi, Parker moonlights as a powerful superhero.

Colin Versus the World (created by Stu Gamble)

Colin is a color-blind chameleon whose life is full of mishaps and blunders. While working as a shelf stocker at Cheapway’s Supermarket, Colin passes the days with dreams of becoming a Lounge Lizard in Las Vegas.

Unlike the “Big Pick” weekends before them, viewers aren’t being asked to vote for the next Cartoon Cartoon.