‘Pete & Pete’ on NickSplat this weekend

Author: Nickandmore!

Nickelodeon’s early ’90s classic The Adventures of Pete & Pete will be airing for the first time on TeenNick’s classic-Nick block NickSplat (including its previous version as The ’90s Are All That) for a special weekend reunion event – “The Strongest Reunion in the World!!!” – this weekend. The two night event will feature special on-air material in addition to three episodes of the series each night (with a same-night encore of the same episodes).

Pete & Pete was last seen in the United States for a one-time showing on Nickelodeon on June 10, 2004 as part of Nick’s 25th anniversary during U-Pick Live. The episode seen then was “King of the Road”.

Pete & Pete was last seen on The N (TeenNick’s name before September 2009) on October 2, 2003. Three of the pre-series shorts did air on the first night of The Splat on October 5, 2015, but the full series’ episodes haven’t been on the network since 2003.

The episodes airing this weekend are:

Saturday, June 17

10:00pm/11:50pm “What We Did on Our Summer Vacation”
10:38pm/12:25am “Apocalypse Pete”
11:12pm/12:59am “Don’t Tread on Pete”

Sunday, June 18

10:00pm/11:50pm “The Nightcrawlers”
10:38pm/12:26am “When Petes Collide”
11:14pm/1:00am “Tool and Die”

Note that NickSpalt runs “off the clock” so start times are approximate.