“Harvey Beaks” Premieres Move to Nicktoons

Author: Nickandmore!

New episodes of Harvey Beaks are moving to Nicktoons starting Wednesday, March 1 at 9:00pm (ET). The series will air premieres for six weeks (through April 5th).

Harvey premieres will take over the space currently being filled by recently-moved-to-Nicktoons series The Fairly OddParents, which will have also had six half-hours of premieres on the network by then.

Harvey Beaks was originally scheduled to have premieres on the network back in November 2016. Fans alerted series creator C.H. Greenblatt to this – who had no idea it was happening – and it created a bit of drama. The premiere ended up being pulled.

Despite being in production for many years, Harvey Beaks has had a rough two years on TV. It premiered to very soft ratings after the Kids’ Choice Awards in 2015. Ratings continued to be weaker as the weeks went on. By the fall, the show was only airing on the main Nickelodeon network for just premiere episodes – no repeats.

37 of the series 52 half-hours have premiered on the main network so far.