VICTORiOUS “Crazy Ponnie” Recap


Tori befriends a lonely, disturbed student named Ponnie, but her kindness is taken advantage of as Ponnie starts pulling bizarre stunts to make Tori seem crazy. Meanwhile, Trina has a bad head cold and Jade is out for Cat’s blood after an eyebrow waxing goes awry.

Tori isn’t doing so well. She’s tired and looking haggard, mainly due to schoolwork and Trina’s nasty head cold. Cat is doing worse – Jade is after her hide after Cat accidentally waxed off her eyebrows. But Tori finds a girl in the bathroom doing worse than the both of them. A shy, nerdy girl named Ponnie (played by Jeanette McCurdy), who’s crying in the stall. Yes, Ponnie with a “P.” She’s upset that she’s been ignored by the student body. Being the nice girl Tori is, she invites Ponnie sit with her friends at lunch. But when she arrives at her table, Ponnie is nowhere to be found.

Tori runs into Ponnie later on, and wants to know what happen during lunch. Ponnie explains that she got really shy and says that she’s in Mr. Sikowitz’s class as a “shrugger,” to Tori’s surprise. Tori arrives at Sikowitz’s class (where Cat is still running away from Jade), but Ponnie is nowhere in sight. The class starts to question Tori’s sanity, and Tori tries to prove Ponnie exists. She goes out in the hallway to get Ponnie and sees her locker has been defaced. Instead of saying “MAKE IT SHINE,” it says “MAKE IT ROT.” Tori freaks and runs to get the class, and while she’s gone, Ponnie replaces the door! Tori comes back and sees her locker back the way it used to be. She’s seriously freaked, and the class thinks she’s crazy.

Tori’s house. Tori is trying to convince Andre, Robbie, and Beck that Ponnie is real and she’s not losing it. The kids order Chinese food, and Tori goes to the door to get the food…and sees Ponnie as a delivery girl! Tori frantically tells the guys to come to the door, but they still dismiss Tori’s claim. Outside, Tori confronts the delivery girl about her being Ponnie, and Ponnie kicks her in the shin and dumps the noodles on her head before growling “GET OUT OF MY SCHOOL.” Later, Tori tells her mom about Ponnie and how scared she is, and Tori’s mother decides to text Tori’s father’s cop partner Gary about the situation and also remarks on how handsome he is, in a joke that’s out there even by Dan Schneider’s standards.

At school, Tori waits in the hallway alone for Ponnie. She gets a drink out of the Wahoo punch machine, and a hand grabs her! Tori gets away, and Ponnie comes out of the drink machine. Tori confronts Ponnie on why she’s terrorizing her. Ponnie tells her that her real name is Fawn Liebowitz (nice Animal House reference…) and she’s seeking revenge against Tori for taking her place in Hollywood Arts. Tori yells for the cops and Gary and his teams move in and arrest Ponnie. It turns out that Fawn wasn’t expelled due to Tori, but because she’s nuts. Gary offers to give Tori and Trina a ride home for safety (it’s the least he can do for a special lady like Tori’s mom, something that does not comfort Tori), and as the girls are riding home it’s revealed Fawn is actually driving the girls home.

Also Jade got her revenge on Cat and shaved her head.