The Legend of Korra “Out of the Past” Recap

The Legend of Korra

Book One: Air
Chapter Nine: Out of the Past

Previously on The Legend of Korra, Korra is abducted by councilman Tarrlok, who is revealed to be a bloodbender.

In the opening scene, Tarrlok uses his bloodbending to force Korra into a metal cell. He’s keeping her in the basement of a cabin out in the mountains.

The next morning Tenzin receives a phone call notifying him of the Avatar’s disappearance. Tenzin rushes to the scene to find out what has happened. Tarrlok portrays himself as innocent and blames the attack on the Equalists. Meanwhile, an injured Lin Beifong hears the news of Korra’s abduction via the radio and springs into action. I love this woman! She breaks the sans-Korra Team Avatar (Mako, Bolin and Asami) out of jail to begin a search for Korra.

The Legend of Korra

While in captivity, Korra begins to meditate and connect with Aang’s spirit to see what he is trying to reveal to her. We finally get definitive answers about the cryptic visions! Aang and Toph are in the middle of arresting a man named Yakkone for the crime of using bloodbending. We are shown the court scene during Yakkone’s trial. Sokka was a member of the council who delivered the verdict. Yakkone is found guilty of all charges and sentenced to life imprisonment. He then bloodbends several people including Sokka, Toph and Aang. Yakkone has to be extremely powerful in order to bloodbend multiple people. Tarrlok is Yakkone’s son. Aang overcomes Yakkone and takes away his bending.

The Legend of Korra

Beifong, along with Team Avatar, find Tenzin and try to figure out where the Equalists could be hiding Korra. Beifong deduces that they may be keeping her in an underground tunnel. The group finds a tunnel and begins their search. Mako is greatly affected by Korra’s absence which shows how much he cares for her, much to Asami’s dismay. Bolin reveals to Asami that Mako and Korra kissed. How much longer will Asami simply stand by and put up with the obvious connection Mako and Korra have? The writers have been throwing out these hints a lot throughout the series.

Beifong metalbends her way into a secret door in the tunnel. They overhear the Equalists referring to a prison deeper in the tunnel so they assume that’s where Korra is being kept. Our heroes encounter a few Equalists but easily thwart them. I can not cease to be amazed by Lin Beifong’s abilities. We also get to see a little more bending from Tenzin. In the prison, there is no Korra but they find Beifong’s officers who were taken by the Equalists. He has already taken away their bending which confirms that Amon does have the ability. Unless he brainwashed the officers somehow. Mako interrogates the Equalists but they deny having Korra or even attacking City Hall. Tenzin comes to the realization that Tarrlok is the one who kidnapped the Avatar. The group narrowly escapes the underground Equalist lair.

Tenzin confronts Tarrlok and accuses him of kidnapping Korra. Of course, Tarrlok denies the claims. Fortunately, the lady who was at City Hall the night of the attack comes forward and reveals what truly happened. When Tenzin and Lin attempt to attack Tarrlok, he bloodbends the entire group.

The Legend of Korra

Tarrlok flees to the site where he’s keeping Korra. He reveals to her that he was Yakkone’s son and he intended to take a different approach than his father in order to gain power. Tarrlok plans to flee the city and take Korra as a hostage. Amon has other plans. He shows up and takes away Tarrlok’s bending. An important note is that Amon was somehow immune to Tarrlok’s bending. Amon sends his men to retrieve Korra but she cleverly escapes. Korra glides down the snowy slope and crashes. Who comes to her rescue? None other than her trusty polar bear dog, Naga. Her friends find her and are happy to see her. Mako makes it a point to personally nurse her back to health. I’m sure Asami was boiling inside.

The Legend of Korra

This episode was pretty great. Korra finally connected to one of her past lives and we learned a lot. Who is Amon? How will he be defeated? Will Korra finally go into the Avatar State? What will happen Korra/Mako/Asami? So many questions! There is only one more episode until the one-hour season finale!

Tune in Saturday, June 16 @ 11am Eastern for the penultimate episode only on Nick!

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