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VICTORiOUS “Tori Goes Platinum” Recap
Posted Friday, June 1, 2012 by jaredsimmons

VICTORiOUS: Tori Goes Platinum

Tori gets the chance of a lifetime when she’s chosen to open at the Platinum Music Awards. But will she give up who she is just to get her shot? Meanwhile, she and Beck are getting friendlier, much to Jade’s dismay.

Powerful music producer Mason Thornesmith is planning something huge for the upcoming Platinum Music Awards. They’re starting a worldwide search for a new talent to actually open the awards show with an original song! The student body of the Hollywood Arts is amped up and begin performing and submitting. All of the Victorious gang submit their videos, some full of promise, others…not so much. Trina fits into the latter. But of course, it’s Tori’s uplifting song that catches the eyes of Mason Thornesmith. He and a huge camera crew surprise Tori at Hollywood Arts (while she’s wolfing down a huge sandwich) and announce that she’s the winner of the contest! Tori is overjoyed and jumps into Beck’s arms, while Jade looks them somberly.

Tori and her friends head over to Mason’s record office. Andre is jazzed after running into Bruno Mars into the men’s room, and the kids enjoy a British snack called bibble (Dan Schneider’s newest made-up word). Mason sends off Tori’s friends to the bibble factory, and sits Tori down alone and explains his master plan: he doesn’t care about her music and he wants to create an outlandish personality and image for her. And he tells her she can’t tell anyone. Tori reluctantly agrees. She shows up to school all decked out in a Lady Gaga-esque outfit. The other kids think she’s changed, especially as the paparazzi invade the classroom. Tori doesn’t think she can keep up the facade, especially when Mason wants her to be more outrageous. He even sets up a staged photo op where Tori pulls a diva act at a restaurant and shoves ravioli down a former astronaut’s pants.

The other kids think Tori’s changed for the worse, and it’s killing Tori to keep it inside. However, one person believes in Tori and thinks it’s all an act: Beck. He comes over to her house and asks about his suspicions. Tori is so happy Beck believes her and Beck convinces her to drop the act tell Mason that she’s not playing his game anymore. The two get closer and almost kiss before Tori’s mom walks in. The next day at Hollywood Arts, Mason arrives and is angry Tori isn’t in her outfit. Tori tells him she’s not going to dress or act differently anymore. Mason tells her she’s kicked from the awards show, and picks Jade to open the show.

The next day, Tori is feeling bummed about the Platinum Music Awards. Her friends try to cheer her up to o no avail. Cat video-chatting her from Jade’s rehearsals doesn’t help either. After Andre and Robbie leave, Beck stays and chats with Tori. Unbeknownst to them, Cat left her video chat on and Jade looks in on them talking. The kids get close and almost kiss again before Tori stops. She says she can’t kiss her friend’s ex-boyfriend. Beck acknowledges Jade and Tori aren’t exactly friendly. Tori says that their relationship is complicated, but she still couldn’t do that to Jade.

At the Platinum Music Awards, Jade is being outfitted for her performance. Tori walks in and congratulates her. Jade says that she can’t take her spot at the awards. She wouldn’t do that for a friend…or even to Tori. Jade quickly hatches a plan, and Tori takes her place for the performance and Tori performs “Make it in America” admirably.

Also there’s a subplot where Cat gets hooked on bibble, but it was meh.

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