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Degrassi “In the Cold, Cold Night, Parts 1 and 2” Recap


Fiona is bent on showing up Marisol’s Student Council’s group, but new financial realities may put an end to that. Also, Maya is tired of not being challenged in band class and Clare needs help publishing the school paper’s Christmas edition which means she needs to depend on her former best friend – and her ex.

A Plot. With Katie stuck in rehab, Fiona and Imogen figure this is their best shot at getting back at Marisol. The plan is to show Marisol up with a big festival at the end of the school year that they planned. Marisol is not about to let them try and she basically bars them from Student Council. Eli gives Fiona the idea to work outside Student Council, and also notices that Fiona’s been crushing on Imogen and that the feelings may be mutual. Fiona dismisses his theory but takes his idea to go over Marisol’s head with her proposal. Fiona convinces Simpson to let her do the winter carnival and she’ll even put her own money in. However, Fiona’s mother won’t let her take the money, since the foundation is struggling with the government in regards to fraud charges. Fiona decides to take the money anyway, and even forges her mother’s signature. Fiona tells Imogen of her carnival plans and she’s psyched and even comes up with the name, the “Winter Frostival.” She’s so psyched, she actually kisses Fiona on the cheek. Marisol isn’t so impressed however, and accuses of Fiona of throwing money around.

Fiona and Imogen sell tickets and bond, and Fiona is on cloud 9, especially after Eli notices that Imogen is crushing hard. Fiona comes home and finds her lawyer there and policemen repossessing her stuff. It turns out the foundation is in hotter water than she thought; Fiona’s mother even was arrested. Fiona talks with her mom over Skype later that night, and she says that all the assets are frozen and she wants Fiona to come home to New York later. But she sends over Holly J in order to be with her during this rough period.

The next day, Fiona is prepared to cancel the carnival. Imogen is still psyched and Marisol is steaming, since the carnies want the other half of their payment. Fiona is dejected and wants to run to New York, especially after she fights with Imogen. But she finds her resolve and she decides to sell her belongings to raise the money. She makes the cash, and shows up at the frostival but she still plans on moving away. But her spirits lift as she spends time with Imogen, who’s giddy about the frostival. On the ferris wheel, Fiona confesses to Imogen she had a crush on her and kisses her. And Imogen kisses her back. She admits she wanted to do it for a long time. With someone finally by her side, Fiona then decides to stay in Toronto.

B Plot. The holiday edition of the Degrassi Daily looks like it won’t be printed – Katie’s still in rehab and the rest of the staff is apathetic about it. Clare wants to publish the issue herself, but she’ll need a team of her own. Clare approaches her former associates Jenna, KC, Connor and Alli and asks for their help, but Alli is still angry with Clare and the rest of the students are ambivalent about Clare’s proposal. Dejected, Clare heads to the newspaper’s classroom but she finds KC and Connor already there and ready to help. Alli and Jenna aren’t there however, and Clare doesn’t think she can get their help. Clare finds Alli in the hallway later and apologizes but Alli isn’t as forgiving. Clare then pleads for another chance. Later that night, Clare’s planning the paper out and KC, Connor, Jenna…and Alli come in ready to help and to bury the hatchet. Someone else has come to help out Clare and bury the hatchet – Eli.

The next day, Eli hands in his story and he and Clare hit it off. Eli invites Clare to lunch, but Clare doesn’t think it’s a good idea. She doesn’t want to trigger his bipolar disorder. After talking with her friends, Clare has a change of heart and joins Eli for lunch. Eli doesn’t understand why things have to be awkward between them. Eli asks if they could ever be close friends again. Clare stammers, and accidentally spills her soup on him. While cleaning Eli up, Clare starts to become vulnerable and quickly switches the conversation back to the paper. The kids finish the paper and enjoy pizza while Clare again thanks Alli for helping. Eli and Clare flirt some more before heading out to the Frostival. Clare and Eli walk and talk and enjoy cotton candy before Eli asks if she was really that worried that she might be a trigger. Clare admits that he wasn’t the one she was worried about. Just then Eli’s dad shows up to drive him home, and Eli says he’ll be away for the holidays. Before they part, Eli asks Clare to clarify her statement and Clare kisses him. She says to hold on to those thoughts, and they’ll talk after break. She smiles at him before he leaves.

C Plot. Maya is feeling bored in music class. She’s miles ahead in talent than the rest of the class, and she’s stuck playing songs she already mastered. She actually gives Ms. Oh some sass. She can’t even practice at home, due to Katie needing rest from rehab. She tells her dad her frustrations about music class and how she wanted to go to an arts school. Maya’s dad suggests she speak to Ms. Oh about it. The next day, Maya apologizes about her sarcastic remarks and asks to be put in 11th grade band, but Ms. Oh says it isn’t possible. She suggests that she could sit aside and study theory, but she wouldn’t be able to play with the band. But Maya has plans of her own – playing with an indie band who’s seeking string musicians.

The next day Maya meets up with Tori and asks for advice about what to wear to the indie band tryout. Tori suggests an edgy outfit and says she’ll do anything for a friend. That night, Maya tries to sneak out her house with her cello but is caught by her dad. Maya then breaks down and says that she’s starting to lose her passion for music and her parents are too busy with Katie. Maya’s dad tells her she’ll always have passion for music, she just has to find a way to challenge herself. At the Frostival, Maya shows up for band with Katie’s old trumpet. Tristan and Tori think she’ll save them from embarrassment, but Maya is new with the trumpet. But it doesn’t matter, she’s playing with her friends.

Degrassi “In the Cold, Cold Night, Parts 1 and 2” Recap