The Legend of Korra “The Aftermath” Recap

The Legend of Korra

Book One: Air
Chapter Seven: The Aftermath

Previously on The Legend of Korra, Amon and the Equalists nearly destroyed the pro-bending arena.

This week, with the pro-bending arena being closed down for repairs, it leaves Mako and Bolin homeless. Korra invites the brothers to live with her on Air Temple Island but, unfortunately, Asami beat her to the punch by inviting them to live with her in her father’s mansion.

Korra visits the mansion and just as she is beginning to like Asami, she overhears Asami’s father, Hiroshi Sato, making a suspicious phone call. She immediately rushes to Tenzin and Chief Bei Fong to deliver the news that Hiroshi Sato may indeed be working with the Equalists.

After investigating all of Future Industries, no evidence is found to incriminate Hiroshi Sato. Later, Korra receives a tip revealing that there is a hidden factory under Sato’s mansion where he is manufacturing a new weapon for the Equalists. It turns out to be a trap. Sato is there waiting for the Avatar with his new high-tech robot suits. Sato wants revenge on all Benders because his wife was killed by a Firebender.

The Legend of Korra

The action sequences between Korra, Tenzin and Chief Bei Fong versus Hiroshi Sato and his new robot suits were pretty epic. Let me be the first to say that Chief Bei Fong is as awesome as her mother Toph. She is one tough cookie and her fighting style and drive is unmatched. We also got to see Tenzin in action which was pretty cool. I love Korra but so far she is not living up to Aang’s legacy as Avatar. The series is only beginning but she’s already mastered three elements so I expect her bending skills to be a lot better. The series separates itself from its parent series by focusing more on technology as opposed to nature and the elements.

Our heroes are in a tough position but Bolin and Mako come to save the day. Not quite. The real hero in this episode was Asami. She stood up in opposition to her father and helped our heroes escape. I admit, I never really trusted Asami and I’m not sure that I do even now. Sato needs someone close to the Avatar so maybe this was his way of ensuring that Korra would trust Asami. Just a theory.

The Legend of Korra

With the revelation that Hiroshi Sato is working with the enemy, Mako, Bolin and Asami are headed to Air Temple Island to live with Tenzin and Korra. After losing her fighters, Chief Bei Fong expressed that she wants to resign as chief and go after Amon on her own terms. This could be really interesting. Amon better watch out!

Overall, this episode was pretty amazing. I love that the series is very progressive; I don’t believe we’ve had a filler episode yet. Nickelodeon really hit the jackpot with this series!

The Legend of Korra