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Degrassi “Hollaback Girl, Part 1” Recap


Bianca is getting her life back on track, but few people are giving her a chance to prove herself, including Drew’s girlfriend Katie – who knows Bianca still has feelings for him. Meanwhile, Alli tries to get Dave to ease up on his guilt and Mo wants his relationship with Marisol to be official.

A Plot. The episode starts off at Degrassi, with Bianca acing a test. She’s made marked improvement in her schoolwork. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks so. Katie still isn’t fond of her and her probation officer still treats her like a criminal. Parent-Teacher conferences are also coming up but Bianca’s aunt/guardian works all the time and can’t attend. Snake however is there for Bianca and he gives her encouragement to think about college. Bianca runs into Drew and Katie (who’s popping pain medication) in the hallway and says that she’s doesn’t have the first idea about how to apply to college. Katie offers to help, after all it could be fun.

In the media lab, Katie helps Bianca with college applications and picking a major. While talking about Bianca’s drug selling background as a possible business school route, Katie asks about Bianca’s drug connections. Bianca says that she’s done with that and Katie asks if Bianca wants to hang out later on. Bianca brings her concerns about Katie to Drew, and Drew thinks that they should spend time together, since Katie’s been so depressed after surgery. Bianca is still unsure and Drew tells Bianca to stop being down on herself since she’s a good person. With a few awkward romantic stares, Bianca decides to take Katie out.

At the club, Bianca and Katie get in with fake I.Ds and run into one of Bianca’s drug connects. Bianca tells Katie to ignore him – he’s a part of her old life. But later, she spies Katie talking with the druggie. Bianca walks over and is shocked that Katie actually bought Oxycotin from him. Katie explains her knee still hurts and her doctor won’t write her a new prescription. It helps her deal with all the stress. But later Bianca sees Katie dancing with the druggie, and she’s high. Bianca figures it out – Katie used her to score Oxycontin. She then decides it’s time to go and drags Katie out the club. At Katie’s apartment, Katie is still loopy and Bianca has to drag her in. Katie hazily smiles and finally lets her true feelings out. She accuses Bianca of just acting good to finally steal Drew away from her. She never wanted to be Bianca’s friend. Bianca gets angry and sprays Katie with the kitchen sink spray hose. Maya comes in after hearing the commotion and Bianca angrily tells her that Katie’s doped up. She storms out the kitchen.

Drew’s house. Bianca comes over and Drew invites her in. Bianca tells Drew that the night out wasn’t fun and that Katie has a problem. Drew remarks that Katie hasn’t been herself after the surgery and they’re growing distant. Drew asks for advice about Katie and Bianca says that the only advice she can give him is to break up with Katie and be with her. Drew and Bianca embrace and kiss and Bianca pulls back. She can’t do this with him. Mrs. Torres calls Drew to bed and Drew wants to talk about their relationship tomorrow.

B Plot. Jacinta is getting better after her car accident, but Dave still feels very guilty about what happened. He’s even planning to visit her in the hospital. Alli offers to lend a ear to Dave but Dave is hesitant to talk about Jacinta with her. Alli then invites Dave over to her house to watch movies to get his mind of Jacinta..

At Alli’s house, Alli talks to Jenna about Dave acting weird and not being open with her. Jenna looks up Jacinta’s name on Facerange and comes up with a Get Well Soon Jacinta page. The girls look at the well-wishing messages and sees more than a few messages blaming Dave for the incident. Alli immediately goes on the offensive and posts messages defending Dave. Dave then comes over and Alli hides the evidence. After the movie, Alli tries to talk about Jacinta but Dave shuts her down. Alli then brings up the Facerange messages and tells him it’s a bad idea for him to visit Jacinta. Dave glares at her and says it’s his fault and he deserves the scorn and storms out of Alli’s house.

C Plot. Mo and Marisol are getting pretty cozy, but Marisol doesn’t think that they’re official yet much to Mo’s chagrin. Mo brings his concerns to Jake, and asks for his advice. Jake asks if they’ve been on date, which Mo admits that they haven’t. Jake’s advice? Take her out, or he’ll lose her.

Mo plans on surprising Marisol with a date at The Dot, but she shows up and actually starts to do her homework. She doesn’t even realize they’re on a date. Mo gets embarrassed and stammers and says that he’s planning an awesome date at the CN Tower with dinner at the Revolving Restaurant. Marisol is excited but Mo’s concerned about his wallet.

Degrassi “Hollaback Girl, Part 1” Recap