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Degrassi “Smash Into You, Part 2” Recap


Dave’s indiscretions come back to haunt him, and a shocking accident leaves him devastated. Marisol and Mo get closer working on Model UN and Adam’s date with his secret admirer gets awkward.

A Plot. Jacinta is at Degrassi with a purpose. During the UN icebreaker, Jacinta gets close with Dave and introduces herself to Alli. Alli is upset and Dave tells Alli that Jacinta is nuts and that there’s nothing between them but Alli is still wary. Dave goes back to Jacinta and invites her on a drive to get away from the school. In Dave’s car, Dave reveals that he’s taking Jacinta back to the train station to get her away from him and Alli. Jacinta starts to cry, and when the car stops at a light she angrily grabs Dave’s phone, gets out the car and sends Alli a break-up text as Dave.

Dave parks and flags Jacinta down. He apologizes for last summer but Jacinta is still upset and won’t give Dave’s phone back. She walks into the street not paying attention and gets hit by a car. As Jacinta is being taken away in the ambulance, Dave is crushed and blames himself. He drives back to Degrassi, where an angry Alli (who received the break-up text) is waiting. Her anger fades away as Dave gets out the car and explains what happened. Dave is completely distraught and in tears from the guilt. He treated her like she was nothing, and now her life may be ruined. Alli hugs him and tells him it was an accident, but Dave is still inconsolable.

B Plot. Marisol is dreading spending the day with Mo at Model UN. Mo invites her to see the proposal he prepared. In the resource room, Marisol is prepared to put the breaks on Mo’s crush, but before she can do so, Mo shows off an actual song that he prepared for Model UN. He was inspired by Marisol, and he and Marisol have fun singing along and Marisol is now drawn to Mo. During the Model UN proposal, Marisol and Mo present their concert idea. Jenna (with a nice little callback to her anger at Marisol’s flirting with KC in part one of the season) challenges the motion but Marisol stands her ground saying that music, along with love can be universal. Marisol tells Mo she was inspired by Mo and she says that she likes him. But Mo reveals that the feeling isn’t mutual. Marisol then storms out the gym.

Marisol goes the resource room and Mo follows her, telling her that their team won the peace prize. He also tells her that the feelings weren’t mutual because he thought he was out of her league. Marisol tells him that leagues are stupid and that she still likes him and they kiss.

C Plot. Adam is anxious about his blind date. At The Dot, he meets up with Tori who’s excited about pair her friend up, and then Zig and Tristan walk in. Adam asks when his date is showing up, and then it dawns on him and he is mortified. He explains that he isn’t gay. Tori asks about the rainbow LBGT pin on his backpack and Adam reveals he’s the “T” part. Tristan walks out the show in a huff.

Adam spills the details of his disaster date to Clare. Adam is being mopey, but Clare tells him the good news of the situation: they thought he was a guy. He is now starting to pass. Adam smiles, but then thinks about how badly Tristan feels. He goes back to the Dot and comforts Tristan. He tells him about his bad situation with girls, and Tristan realizes that it was his brother who threw him through the door in season 10. Adam lets Tristan know that he needs to be open to suggestion. Tristan smiles and reveals he didn’t think Adam was gay – Tori has terrible gaydar. Adam smiles and tells Tristan if he has any girl friends, he knows where to find him.

Degrassi “Smash Into You, Part 2” Recap