iCarly “iOpen A Restaurant” Recap

iOpen A Restaurant

Gibby opens a restaurant in the basement of Ridgeway Junior High. Meanwhile, Spencer creates a security robot, but it causes problems when it malfunctions.

The main plot of the episode was pretty good. Gibby actually played a nice part in this one, and Sam showed off some chops attempting to take on that bully Billy Boots. Having the two work well together showed some signs of nice development that added to the episode’s overall quality. It was also nice to see Principal Franklin and Mr. Howard again, even if only briefly. So overall, this was a very productive plot, much better than some of the ones we’ve had in recent episodes.

The sub-plot with Spencer’s robot, however, was terrible, and really didn’t seem to serve much purpose other than giving him something to do. Sure, it made sense that he was attempting to fend off burglars, but it just went seriously downhill when Carly got blinded, then his popcorn kernel machine malfunctions and went crazy. The only part of it I found funny was the slow-motion scene of Carly, Spencer and Freddie jumping to escape the robot’s blasts.

So, for the most part, I found the episode enjoyable. With no serious gimmicks, not trying too hard or anything, it felt more like an earlier episode. Surely one the average viewer should get a laugh out of, as I said I found it better than a lot of the more recent ones we’ve been handed.

iOpen A Restaurant