Degrassi “Smash Into You, Part 1” Recap


Dave is desperate to win Alli back after he cheated on her, but his one-time fling isn’t fading away into the night. Elsewhere, Marisol and Mo fight and flirt over their Model UN assignment and Adam has a secret crush…

A Plot. The random plot point back earlier in the season of Dave cheating on Alli during their break last summer is actually brought up again and fuels the entire episode’s main plot. Dave is still trying to talk to Alli, but Alli won’t return his texts. He tries texting her again, while driving the Torres brothers to school and almost hits Alli with his car. Oops. Alli is angry, of course but Dave has a plan. He’s going to help her out with her Model UN event at Degrassi. Alli resists, but when Dave comes through for her big time with the Model UN set-up in the gym, she starts to waver. She agrees to just talk, and in a jump cut, she ends up making out with him in his car. Oops. Things seem great…until Dave gets a text from Jacinta, his jump-off from last summer.

Dave ropes Drew into helping him with Model UN and how to deal with Jacinta. Dave says Jacinta is crazy and that he’s been ignoring her all summer. He gets the idea to completely block her from his online social sites. When Jacinta actually calls Dave, Dave angrily tells her to never call him again. Meanwhile, Alli is hesitant about trusting Dave. When they both go to dinner that night, Alli presents a contract/list to Dave about their relationship rules. Dave is hurt that she doesn’t completely trust him and Alli explains that she has deep trust issues due to all she’s been through. Dave charms her and reassures her that Jacinta is gone forever. But Dave speaks too soon: at the Model UN the next day, Jacinta shows up unannounced and meets Alli. Oops.


B Plot. Marisol is also participating in Model UN, but without Katie by her side. Mr. Perino assigns Marisol to be with Mo, and she’s throughly grossed out. Both she and Mo clash during their proposal for Somalia’s famine: Mo proposes a possible government change and Marisol proposes a benefit concert. Mo criticizes her idea and Marisol elaborates about just how much attention and money the concert could bring. Marisol’s idea proves to be more thought out, and she smirks at her win. Mo responds by putting gum in her hair.

The next day, after a peanut butter-hair treatment, Marisol stops by to see Katie and Drew in the hospital. Marisol growls at Mo’s gum prank, but Drew says it’s a sign that he likes her. Marisol is vehemently against the idea of Mo being into her, especially since he’s heavyset. Katie and Drew tease her some more but Marisol is dead certain they will not end up liking each other.


C Plot. Adam and Clare are in writing class, sharing stories. Adam goes to get his backpack and discovers someone wrote him a love note. Clare is happy that Adam has a admirer, but Adam is convinced it’s a prank. After school, Adam goes off to skateboard and bumps into Tori. Tori starts to ask him questions about his relationship status under the guise of a survey, which Adam definitely notices. The next day, Adam stands watch over his locker to catch his admirer and sure enough, catches Tori putting notes in his locker. Adam goes up to her and Tori is surprised. She admits that she doesn’t have a crush on him, but her friend does She invites him to a double date, but Adam is hesitant to hang with a bunch of Grade 9s. Tori pleads, and Adam begrudgingly agrees.