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VICTORiOUS “Driving Tori Crazy” Recap


Since Tori doesn’t have her driver’s license like a normal teenage girl, she has to rely on her friends to get her to school. But can she stand their stranger methods of transportation?

The episode starts off in the morning at Tori’s house. Tori’s already miffed because her not-seen-very-much mother has made a delicious omelet…for herself. And the morning gets worse: a movie is being shot in their neighborhood so she and Trina have to make a 30 minute detour to Hollywood Arts. But Tori can only stand so much Trina. Their car ride involves her having to shave Trina’s leg and armpits. It’s about as gross as it sounds.

Tori’s friends offer to pick her up, but they aren’t much better than Trina. With Beck, he has his own posse of fangirls who ride with him and fawn over his good looks. Andre has his crazy grandmother who apparently has to be around him at all times. Robbie doesn’t even have an actual car, just a bicycle-type cart vehicle. It’s hard to describe.

After a hilarious (and creepy) car ride with Jade, Cat offers Tori a coupon (as part of her subplot about extreme couponing) for the Party Bus to take Tori to school. Tori makes Cat promise not to tell anyone. Which of course, she tells the rest of the the cast. But it’s alright, Tori and her friends have a fun time jamming to Dr. Rapsody’s only hit song “Five Fingaz To the Face.” Dr. Rapsody also drives the bus.

This episode is a love-it-or-hate-affair and for the most part I liked it. Tori’s mother was hilarious here as a sarcastic but caring mother. The running gag about Tori not having her license was also funny, and the end with the cast rapping was a great moment. The only thing that dragged the episode down was Cat, who is becoming increasingly useless and annoying. The baby voice is grating; re-grow some brain cells already!

VICTORiOUS “Driving Tori Crazy” Recap