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Degrassi “Need You Now, Part 1” Recap

Degrassi: Need You Now, Part 1

Eli and Imogen start dating and all is well until Imogen decides to share Eli’s mental illness to strangers. Also KC wants to prove himself to be a great dad to Ty despite his new adoptive parents and Tori’s efforts to join the Power Squad are undermined by her boyfriend.

A-Plot. Imogen and Eli are dating, and things are getting intense. At least for Eli. Imogen is hesitant. Eli’s dad Bullfrog isn’t sure that Eli should be dating anyone, and needs to concentrate on controlling his bipolar disorder. Eli doesn’t take to kindly to being told what to do, even by his own father. He’s upset that his illness is being brought up and feels it shouldn’t hinder his relationship.

At Degrassi, Imogen shows Eli her senior art project – a collage of Eli proving mental illness shouldn’t be a stigma. Imogen then tells Eli she showed the whole class and the class suggested she should send it to an art competition. Eli is upset that Imogen disclosed his illness with the class and tired of her acting so careful around him and angrily turns to leave. In the midst, he accidentally knocks over her camera.

After some Fiona advice, Eli apologizes to Imogen and tells her that he wants to be her boyfriend, not a charity case. He surprises her with a brand new expensive camera. Imogen is shocked Eli made a huge purchase and thinks he may be having a manic episode. Later while Eli is hanging with Adam (his first appearance this season), Bullfrog is looking for his guitar, and Eli reveals he let Imogen borrow it. But to Adam, he tells him that pawned the guitar to buy Imogen’s camera. Eli and Adam race to Imogen’s house and she’s not home, it’s just her eccentric father. Eli is angry, Imogen said she would be home. Eli is frantic and angry at being lied to, but he insists that he doesn’t need a pill.

B-Plot. KC and Jenna are invited to their baby Tyson’s Christening by their adoptive parents. KC’s mom is worried that it’s too soon to see him but KC is eager. He lets Jenna know about the Christening, but Jenna is very reluctant to go and tells him Jake is planning to take her to the mall (while Jake shoots her the best why-the-Hell-are-you-dragging-me-into-this look). KC makes the trip alone, and meets Tyson’s new family at their house. But the meeting is awkward, and KC learns of Ty’s new name – Doug. KC is now driven to make sure Tyson/Doug knows who he is and be in Ty’s life more.

C-Plot. Tori wants be the first Niner to join the Power Squad, but captain Marisol thinks the Niners aren’t reliable. Marisol gives Tori a chance after a spot opens up, and she has to show up at the practice 4pm sharp. But she also promises Zig to tape him skateboarding for a competition. While taping, Tori cuts it close with arrive to the practice on time, but Zig needs more video tape. Zig needs to get the tape in tonight and he suggest that Maya can finish taping his video. Suddenly Tori has more time to spend. As expected Tori shows up late to the practice and Marisol is angry. Tori pleads to Marisol to let her stay and Marisol decides to let her stay on the team – as the mascot.

Degrassi “Need You Now, Part 1” Recap