My Babysitter’s a Vampire “Die Pod” Recap

My Babysitter's a Vampire

When weeds take over the school, Ethan, Benny and Sarah decide to investigate. Turns out Whitechapel’s oldest tree has been cut down and is exacting revenge.

Benny’s turning on the charm for a girl while he and Ethan wait to see Principal Hicks for their punishment for rewiring the school’s P.A. system. The girl ignores Benny and when he tries to pull her iPod’s earbud out, something yanks it back in. Principal Hicks assigns the boys to weed-pulling duty, which leads to Ethan noticing that there’s an overabundance of them. Meanwhile, Rory’s downloading a concert video of his favorite band, which just so happens to be Erica’s favorite band as well. Erica’s not happy about having another thing in common with him but she’s desperate for the video, as she’s been getting the Nickroll virus instead.

Between the weeds, the school’s gooey cables, and a vision that seals the deal, the trio discover that a nearby tree was recently chopped down and is taking over the school via the cables (it had been soaking up magic over the years). In the computer lab, the iPod girl from earlier is covered in weeds and Rory, who was checking his download, is grabbed by the tree and possessed. Ethan, Benny, and Sarah work together to destroy the tree, finally using the Nickroll virus to take it down. iPod girl is freaked out but fine, Rory doesn’t seem to remember much, and Principal Hicks pins the entire mess on the boys, who are then assigned to clean up duty.

My Babysitter's a Vampire

This episode was alright but not my favorite. Although I was very happy that everyone had something to do, I wasn’t too interested in Rory and Erica’s plot. Maybe it would have been helpful had there been a little more lead up to Rory and Erica liking that band, like how we know Erica loves Dusk. Regardless, I just couldn’t find myself caring too much about Rory downloading a 246 GB (!!!) file, even though I know it was crucial to the entire episode.

I did, however, like how the show covered illegal downloading without making it an issue of the week (Benny’s line about the music industry fighting back against illegal downloads via roots in the cables made me laugh). And there was an underlying message sent to the young viewers; be careful what you download, you might get Nickrolled (aka get a virus). I like that the show doesn’t set out to teach kids a lesson but still manages to do so in a subtle way.

I enjoyed Ethan and Benny in this episode, particularly Ethan’s jab at Heidi Montag (a little random but still got a, “ha!” from me) and his moment of panic as he and Benny were walking down the school hallway. Benny had a lot of zingers in this episode; the delivery of his, “it’s all I got,” line was perfect, though I thought he had one too many, “it’s gardening time,” comments. Sarah didn’t have too much to do in this episode but it didn’t bother me very much, as she usually has tons to do otherwise.

My Babysitter's a Vampire