My Babysitter’s a Vampire “Smells Like Trouble” Recap

My Babysitter's a Vampire

Benny makes a love potion that makes every girl at school fall in love with him and Ethan.

Ethan has his mind made up; he’s finally going to ask out Sarah. Ethan uses a little liquid courage (a bottle of cologne) and then goes to find her. Meanwhile, Benny consults his spell book and finds a spell for a love potion. When Ethan returns after failing to ask Sarah out, Benny shows him the potion, which he’s put in the cologne bottle and relabeled “Dusk”. Sarah and Erica walk by and when Erica hears about the “perfume”, she just has to try out. Sarah gets a whiff, too, and instantly they’re all over Benny and Ethan.

Unfortunately, Benny drops the love potion perfume, causing it to circulate through the school’s air vents to the entire female population. Soon, they have a gaggle of girls all over them, including their teacher (who, thankfully, only gives Benny a good grade on a paper). Rory’s only place in this episode is to accidentally tip Grandma off, who tells them that when the love potion wears off, the girls will hate them as much as they had loved them. Her warning comes true when the girls come after them with various pieces of weaponry, determined to kill them. The boys manage to stay out of their clutches and when the love potion wears off, Grandma, Sarah, and Erica punish them by making them their servants for a day.

My Babysitter's a Vampire

This episode was a lot of fun but I thought it was one of the darkest episodes of the season (all those girls wanting to brutally murder Ethan and Benny? Yowza!). Ethan was very endearing in his struggle to ask Sarah out (Benny helping him rehearse was hilarious) and I liked the continuation with Erica and her Dusk obsession (once a fangirl, always a fangirl). I loved watching the guys act so giddy about the success of their love potion, as well as their fear once it wore off (“You potioned martial arts experts!”). Also, I enjoyed Vanessa Morgan (Sarah) and Kate Todd’s (Erica) performances very much; you could tell they were having a lot of fun being goo-goo eyed but they were also able to step it up and get vicious.

It was a shipper’s dream to see Ethan/Sarah and Benny/Erica (arguably the show’s endgame relationships) play out for one episode. Shame we never got to see Ethan and Sarah in their matching cardigans! While I liked watching those pairings, my wandering mind couldn’t help but think it was a little convenient that the love potion worked in their favor. What would have happened had each girl went for the opposite guy? That could have been amusing to watch as well, particularly the boys reactions to it. Regardless, I thought it was a nice little favor/tease for the shippers.

My Babysitter's a Vampire

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