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My Babysitter’s a Vampire “Blood Drive” Recap

Ethan, Benny and Sarah have to come to Erica and Rory’s rescue when they’re caught stealing donations from the school’s blood drive.

My Babysitter's a Vampire "Blood Drive"

At school, Ethan and Benny are discussing whether or not they should donate blood to the blood drive. Ethan doesn’t want to because he’s terrified of needles (though he claims to be a “hawk with huge talons and laser eyes”) and Benny only decides to after spotting a beautiful nurse. Sarah stops by (because she’s a glutton for pain, apparently), stuffing her face with junk food to dull the craving for blood.

Erica, however, has no interest in abstaining and wants to steal the donations. She uses Rory as her pawn and makes him come up with a plan (which is: “get in the truck and take the blood”… hey, I’ll take it if it means Rory’s involved in a plot). Ethan and Benny put a tracking device in Rory’s backpack to keep tabs on him, which was a smart thing to do considering he and Erica end up being locked in the blood truck and kidnapped by the nurses (who are vampires, by the way).

The trio catch up to the vampire nurses, and Ethan and Sarah fight them while Benny tries to get Rory and Erica out of the truck. Ethan gets Older Nurse under his control (that’s how she’s credited, by the way… ouch) but Annie (aka “Hot Nurse”) overpowers Sarah, as she’s only a fledgling and is too winded to keep up. Ethan finds an out by offering one pint of his blood (which is H-deficient and highly desired by vampires) in exchange for his friends. The nurses let Erica and Rory go and promise never to return to Whitechapel.

The show’s commentary on geeks/dorks/nerds is high but the geek-factor was even higher in this episode, with Rory’s rant about Thor vs. The Hulk and Ethan’s comment about Spock, among other nerdy mentions. I thoroughly enjoyed all the references because I love seeing dorks on display (and in a positive way). I love that these so-called losers have great adventures and save the day… I think it’s a refreshing change from the usual TV nerd.

I loved Ethan and Benny’s conversation at the beginning of the episode (fantastic chemistry between the actors) and I thought it was good to see Sarah’s struggle with being a fledgling but in a more humorous light. Also, I was really excited to see Erica and Rory team up and have their own little adventure, since they’re the two full vampires in the main cast. I always wonder what being a vampire really entails, so it was great to see a bit of what they get up to. I liked learning that there’s a vampire council, too, and can’t wait to learn more about that.

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My Babysitter’s a Vampire “Blood Drive” Recap