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My Babysitter’s a Vampire “Three Cheers for Evil” Recap

After Erica joins the school’s cheerleading team, Ethan has a vision about her capturing the souls of the entire student body, so he, Sarah, and Benny join the team as well, in an effort to stop her.

My Babysitter's a Vampire "Three Cheers for Evil"

Right off the bat, we see Erica making her way toward the school’s cheerleading sign-up table. Sarah tries to stop her from joining, as cheerleaders are “more evil than vampires”, but Erica sees this as an opportunity for revenge against the head cheerleader, Stephanie. I can’t say I blame her, as we find out that Stephanie used to step on her glasses and tease her about how much she ate. Sarah joins the squad, at Ethan and Benny’s suggestion, to keep an eye on her.

As the girls make their way in for practice, Erica brushes past Ethan, triggering a vision about her capturing the souls of the entire student body. Now Ethan and Benny want to keep tabs on her, too, but are unceremoniously kicked out of the gym. It doesn’t seem to take Benny very long to suggest that they disguise themselves as female cheerleaders, which led to the most awesome twenty seconds of my life (c’mon, I can’t be the only one who loved that slow-mo walk down the hallway!) Only Sarah seems to know that it’s Ethan and Benny underneath those wigs, with Rory falling head over heels for Betty (Benny).

Benny and Ethan realize that Stephanie is a witch and that she’s the one trying to capture human souls by using the squad’s routine, not Erica. Benny’s grandma provides the boys with magic pom-poms (which Ethan really likes), which they use to get Sarah out of the trance Stephanie put her under and to break the formation. The students are saved and Stephanie becomes the old lady she really is (her motive was never clearly explained but I’m guessing that’s why she needed the souls).

This is my favorite episode of the entire season (which I can say, as the first season has aired in its entirety in the US). Unlike in the previous episode, Lawn of the Dead, where I felt that Erica was underused, each character had something to do. To say that I was amused, watching Ethan and Benny pretend to be girls, would be an understatement. Matthew Knight (Ethan) and Atticus Mitchell (Benny) really went for it.

Erica can be a bit one-note, with her saucy attitude, so I greatly appreciated seeing some glimpses of the life Erica had before she became a vampire. It helped shed some light on why she’s so vengeful and gave us a reason to feel for her. Also, I loved the short-lived romance between Rory and Betty (“we’ll always have the gym hallway”… that you will). Benny and Ethan don’t seem to like Rory all that much but I thought it was very nice of Benny not to humiliate Rory by revealing that he was Betty and that he went one further and wrote a goodbye note.

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My Babysitter’s a Vampire “Three Cheers for Evil” Recap