Saturday 4/23 Cable Ratings: iCarly, Supah Ninjas and Big Time Rush

Thanks to Son of the Bronx, we have Nickelodeon’s primetime cable ratings from last Saturday, April 23. We rarely ever see detailed Saturday ratings (unless they are in a press release), so this is quite nice. The only show that was new on the night was Supah Ninjas (which had the highest K2-11 demo on Nick for the night and highest M12-17 demo rating on all of cable). Full results follow, once again via Son of the Bronx:

iCarly (NICK, 8:00pm)
1.8 HH, Viewers: 2.945 million, 0.6 A18-49, 1.1 F12-34, 2.0 T12-17, 3.5 K2-11
* Highest F12-34 rated program in cable primetime

Supah Ninjas (NICK, 8:30pm) – NEW
1.7 HH, Viewers: 2.872 million, 0.5 A18-49, 1.9 T12-17, 2.4 M12-17, 3.9 K2-11
* Highest M12-17 rated program in cable primetime

Big Time Rush (NICK, 9:00pm)
1.6 HH, Viewers: 2.558 million, 0.4 A18-49, 1.7 T12-17, 3.5 K2-11

iCarly (NICK, 9:30pm)
1.5 HH, Viewers: 2.624 million, 0.4 A18-49, 1.9 T12-17, 3.4 K2-11