Nickelodeon Names Participants of 11th Annual Fellowship for Diverse Writers

Nickelodeon has named three new participants for its 11th annual Fellowship for Diverse Writers, it was announced today by Karen Kirkland, Executive Director, Nickelodeon Fellowship for Diverse Writers. Kevin Arietta, a New York University graduate and former NYPD cadet, Kiyong Kim, an award-winning writer, director and illustrator graduate of Massachusetts School of Art, and Brian Stampnitsky, a sketch comedian and film school graduate of Vassar, will join the 2010-2011 Nickelodeon fellowship program that offers hands-on writing experience on current live-action and animated series. Additionally, two of last years fellows were recently placed on staff of Nickelodeon’s animated hit series Fanboy & Chum Chum and The Penguins of Madagascar.

“Robot Chicken Star Wars III”: The Force Is Still Strong With This One

"Robot Chicken Star Wars III": The Force Is Still Strong With This One

Robot Chicken returns to a galaxy far far away in the third installment of its Star Wars specials which play out as an extended episode devoted entirely to lampooning the Star Wars franchise. This special however breaks new ground in two aspects in particular. The episode presents a linear story rather than one with no chronological structure and it is not twice the length of a standard episode but rather four times the length filling an hour slot.